Review: DC Universe: Legacies #4

Published on August 24th, 2010

A few months back I picked DC Universe Legacies #1 as my Pick Of The Week, and I was hoping that it would still be good after #1 and now I’m posting a review of #4 and I can say I still loving this book! It tells us the story of the DC Universe through the eyes of man on the street, Paul Lincoln, an NYPD officer.


Now there is a new wave of heroes joining the DC Universe team such as the original  Teen Titans. Although one of my favorite parts of this series so far has to be when the two Flash’s ( Jay Garrick and Barry Allen) meet for the first time. Let me tell you something I would love to own that page. I love the wackiness of the Silver Age (1956 to circa 1970) comics and if you’re a fan of that era of comics like myself, then you’re going to love how Len Wein captures that period of comic book history in this issue.

Who doesn’t  love a fight between Superman and Toyman in the city of   Metropolis? If you’re a fan of the JSA/JLA  then you’re going to love the first team-up with these two teams. I love the stuff after their first fight as you see the Golden Age heroes talking with the Silver Age. The end of the Doom Patrol? Or how about Batgirl (Babs) fighting Killer Moth because if you’re a fan of Babs you’ll know that was the first time she was ever Batgirl in  Detective Comics #359.

Wein does a great job showing us some of the key points in DC’s history. So think of this as DC’s answer to ‘The Marvel Projects’ by Marvel Comics.

The comic ends with the words “Next Crisis”. I first got into American comics around the time of the first DC’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, so I can’t wait to see what Wien is going to do this time in the DC Universe because for me this is where the DC Universe changes forever.

So make sure to pick up DC Universe Legacies if you’re a fan of any sort of comic book history because it’s not only a fun read, it’s a history book at the same time. This is going to make a great hardcover. I can’t wait to read it over and over again! As a long time DC fan, this what I have been waiting for. To anyone who asks me questions about the DC Universe, I would love to show this to them tell them to read it.

Simon Daoudi