Review: Avengers #4

Published on August 31st, 2010

This latest edition of The Avengers written by Brian Micheal Bendis with art by John Romita Jr opens with a bang as out heroes descends upon a Manhattan that is caught in multiple time lines and well I guess you could say  all hell has broken lose. But is this issue any good? Well read on to see what happens to out main group of Avengers.


Marvel and most comic publishers tend to have a habit of  putting things on the cover that well I will just say it aren’t true. It is just to sell books of course.This cover is more misleading than anything else  and it isn’t exactly untrue but well we will talk about that towards the end of the review.We basically start the issue with our heroes looking down at a jumbled Manhattan filled with one BIG crazy battle going on from different realities merging.We then see half the Avengers split up and Thor decides to run into the battle to make a difference, meanwhile Spiderman,Hawkeye, & Spider Woman are on the ground to fend for themselves in this crazy time stream. Out other group, consisting of Ironman,Captain America,Wolverine & Mar Vel then get attacked by the younger Avengers from the future that Kang warned them about and are taken away and delivered directly to old man Hulk.

Now up until this point I thought hmmm ok whats the deal this has been some what straight forward and coming from Bendis well I just can’t except that.I was waiting to find out something big and well I would say the last two pages are the pay off. We get to see an old Ironman outfit walk in and introduce himself as  Old Tony to Our younger Tony and end the issue with our younger Tony being held at bay by the Hulk and this old Tony probing him ….or something along those lines the whole time telling him that this is necessary and that he is sorry.

Then the books ends poof! Just like that and I have to say I am always pleased when I reach the end of a book and all I can think is that I can not wait til the next issue! I guess this should not really surprise me to much as Bendis consistently delivers an A class story with everything he writes.I would also like to give major props to John Romita Jr.. I know a lot fo people feel his work is to Pop looking or cartoonish but for me it is one of those styles that I peg as the MARVEL style and he does some beautiful work in these pages.I know I always praise Bendis on his writing but I don’t always say what a funny guy he is. Some of his dialogue is truly funny especially the exchanges Spiderman has with Killraven. Just some really great moments in this issue.

Final Verdict:This is really a no brainer but of course you should be pulling this book any week it comes out as it is always well written and it has some of the most recognizable characters in comics. This Avengersteam is a big one and the stories are there to match them  so hold on tight because Avengers should be on EVERYONES pull list!

Sheldon Lee