POW: August 11th 2010: X-Men #2

Published on August 19th, 2010

If you’re on this page then don’t let me stop you on your way down to the iTunes download link below where you can download this podcast, but if you’ve got a spare minute to read this blurb then you’ll find out a little bit about what exactly is in store for you in this very podcast! It’s Pick Of The Week time once more, and Sheldon shares his favourite comic of last week with you, as well as sharing his thoughts on other comics with his companions Simon and Rob.

This week’s POW starts off with all the boys agreeing in their opinions on comics and it all seems to running smoothly. Until a certain Steve Rogers comes into the mix and the guys unleash all hell upon the ears of you listeners. They start throwing insults around like you’ve never seen. This is a first for the POW podcast, so just tune in to find out why exactly all hell broke loose amongst the gang! But order is not so quickly restored once the guys start talking on a cosmic level, so fear not, it’s not as scary as I make out.

Sheldon’s POW is X-Men #2 by Marvel Comics. Also discussed in this podcast are X-Force: Sex and Violence #2, Dark Wolverine #89, Superman #702, Steve Rogers: Super Solider #2, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 and The Thanos Imperative #3.

Rob Andrews


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