POW: July 28th 2010 Uncanny X-Men #526

Published on August 4th, 2010

We’re back with our Pick of the Week podcast once again! We’d like to thank those of you who waited patiently for this episode ever since we took a post -Comic Con’ break last week to edit our videos. But check this out, we’re back and refreshed as ever! Join Simon, Rob and Ian this week as they guide you through the week’s most interesting comics.

There is a lot of debate over the latest issue of X-Men, and whether 90s style artwork still suits such comics or not. There is a lot of science fiction talk, time travel and so forth. Not to mention that this episode highlights some lesser known comics as opposed to the more mainstream Marvel and DC comics. So check this episode out to find out what those special comics are.

Simon’s POW this week is Uncanny X-Men #526 by Marvel Comics. Also discussed in this show are The Flash #4, Fantastic Four #851, Artifacts #1, Time Lincoln #1, Green Arrow #2 and Action Comics #891.

Rob Andrews


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