Collecting: Kotobukiya Iron Man Mark IV

Published on August 7th, 2010

Iron Man 2 has proven to be one of the biggest box office hits of summer 2010 and while having a functioning version of the Iron Man armor of your very own might be a bit out of reach, bringing Iron Man home to display is a very attainable goal.

The fine folks over at Kotobukiya have released an Iron Man 2 Mark IV statue for the release of the new movie.  This is the company’s 3rd full body Iron Man movie statue following the Mark II and Mark III that were released for the first Iron Man movie.

The Marks II and III from Iron Man 1 were definitely well made but Kotobukiya have really outdone themselves with the Mark IV.  All the statues in this line have LED lights in the eyes, chest piece and both palm repulsors.  The Mark IV stands out from the previous statues by incorporating a more dynamic pose, where Iron Man has one arm outstretched, holding his repulsor up as if preparing to strike.  It mirrors the pose from some of the billboards that advertised the first Iron Man movie.  The Mark IV also has an extra LED light in the base which is modeled after the arc reactor chest piece that Tony Stark wears in Iron Man 2.  The paint scheme is very true to the movie and is meticulously recreated from the screen version of the Mark IV.

kotobukiyaironman_2 kotobukiyaironman_3

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t technically a statue.  It’s sold as a model kit because it does require some assembly at first but it’s only a few pieces (arms connect to torso, which connects to legs, which connect to base) and they snap together snugly so no glues or paints are required.  It also comes with the requisite batteries to power the LED lights.  The base takes 3 AAA batteries and the lights in the actual statue body take 3 small watch batteries.  The LED’s really shine brightly too, not just a dull glow.  The statue is a total of 13″ tall at 1/6 scale.  Kotobukiya’s current list price for the Mark IV is $119.99 but if you purchase it off of their website it’ll only cost you $99.99 which is a serious steal for a statue of such high quality or you can buy it form for only $69.99

Ian Candish