Figure Friday: Plastic Man SDCC 2010 Exclusive

Published on August 6th, 2010

On this weeks Figure Friday we are going to take a look at the Comic Con Exclusive Plastic Man this is the first time we get to see him as a part of the  DC Universe Classics line.

plasticman_sdcc_21Package Description:

There is no Package Description yet has this to say about this Exclusive SDCC 2010 figure.

One of the SDCC figures we know you’re stoked to see is the one and only malleable immortal, Plastic Man. Being that he’s a super hero and all, we felt his packaging should be equally impressive and here’s your first look!

This special packaging has been shaped to look like Plastic Man himself and it comes in a full-color shipper box for safe keeping. But the coolest thing of all? A pair of Plastic Man glasses are included that can be removed from the package and worn by you!

The figure itself has interchangeable standard arms, stretchy arms, giant form hands (a fly swatter and a bouncy ball with racket), and interchangeable stretchy neck and leg springs. If you do purchase Plastic Man at SDCC, he’ll also come with a special suitcase available only at the show (packed in a separate poly bag). Not just any suitcase, of course… his arms, head and neck can be attached to the suitcase to make him appear disguised as luggage.

I love the design of the box that he comes in. It feels right out of the rest of the  DC Universe Classics  line but used current DC card artwork. Also Plastic Man comes in a standard package but it looks like he has wraped him self around the package and if you have ever read a Plastic Man comic you know he would  do something like that.  The package makes up for $5 more than the standard  DC Universe Classics figure but this is a Con Exclusive.
Now let’s talk about the figure.


Well this is kind of hard since Plastic Man has so may different pieces to him.Plastic Man was molded with a 100% new sculpt.He has a perfect head sculpt that captures this comic book character.Mattel did a great job with all the different pieces as they are molded in the appropriate colors. When he is the standard figure he looks the best .



Do you enjoy accessories ?  Then your going to love Plastic Man as he comes with six attachments such as alternate spring lower torso which is my favorite on him, I love the way he looks with the spring lower torso and his normal arms.


I was not a big fan of all the rest of the accessories that he comes with. I did not enjoy the stretchy arms. I know why they are there but I am not a big fan. There great for playing value but not so great for poseability.  Here is a note that you may want to remember when your trying  to put a different piece on you have to press a button on his back (or the handle on the briefcase).

He also comes with a flyswatter which is great to kill fly’s but I don’t care for it. He also come with a paddle ball hand that is made from hard plastic and soft bendy plastic just like his stretchy arms.


He also comes with a bendable neck extension that is a must if you have the SDCC exclusive suitcase.  Having the bendy neck extension is the only way you can put his neck on the suitcase. The suitcase has  a Comic Con logo also  but you can use it  for  attachments for the arms and head/neck. The suitcase  comes with cover of Batman #1,Superman #1 and Wonder Woman #1 inside .Plastic Man does not have open hands to hold his suitcase. Why Mattel did not make him with at least one open hand is beyond me.


Final Judgment:9/10

Why not a 10 out 10?Well no open hand, I hate when figures have accessories but they can’t use them.This is something that gets me mad. But this is just me being super picky.Over all if your a fan of Plastic Man or DCUC line of figures this a MUST have. Also I would like to give a special thanks to ComicImpact friend  Sara for letting us use her  Comic Con 2010  Plastic Man Exclusive. Next week we will take a look some of the Hasbro Exclusive from this years Comic Con 2010.

Simon Daoudi