Figure Friday: Batman Reborn: Jason Todd

Published on August 20th, 2010

Package Description:

Pushed over the edge of sanity,Jason Todd couldn’t watch as Gotham City erupted into Chaos and spiraled out  of control.Instead he picked up Batman’s cowl himself,becoming an even darker version of the Dark Knight. With his own version of the Batcave deep within the subway tunnels of Gotham,Jason Todd will do anything to hold onto the Mantel of the Bat.


When you first look at Jason Todd as Batman you’ve got to ask yourself “do you feel lucky as he is armed from head to toe”. Because he looks like something that both Todd Mcfarlane would have used as a Spawn design and Rob Liefeld would had a great time drawing with all the guns he comes with. Both guns fit into their holsters and the knife fits into the leg scabbard. I’d love to say the accessories fit in his hands perfectly but I would be lieing to you if I did, since I had hard time getting his gun in his hands for the photo in this review.

This works for Jason though, as if you have ever read the Under the Hood storyline or watched the film then you’ll know he has a gun fetish. One of the things DC Direct did a great job on his the cape. I love the fact that it wraps around his leg. Another great thing that they did was make his ears feel more like a bat and not just the normal Batman costume that we see in the DCU. I know he is out for revenge with his crazy ass eyes that are red like the devil and his grin you can see when you take off his face plate, it’s kind of scary.


For a DC Direct figure he is very articulated (god that makes him sound special). In addition to the rest of the joints he has a chest joint, and he has shoulder joints that allow him to flap his arms.  He does have twistable thighs and also he has a twistable waist, which I think is a first for a DC Direct figure.

Just like every time I post a review of a DC Direct figure, what marks them down are the lack of points of articulation against Mattel’s DC Universe Classic or Hasbro’s  Marvel Universe figures. When we were down in San Diego for Comic Con’, I wanted to talk one of the people over at DC Direct about such issues but they were not around to talk to us unfortunately.


Final Judgment: 5/10

The great detail on his belt and a nice paint job does not make this a great figure. If this guy would have some better articulation it would get a higher score. Yet he is still cool to look at, but not great to play with. I do like that he does come with a stand. But sorry DC Direct, this does not cut it for me.

Also, I know this is now the second Jason Todd figure made by DC Direct (The first was in the Hush series). But when can we get a Red Hood Jason Todd figure? Come on DC, there is all an all new “Under the Red Hood” film and a new miniseries by Judd Winick, so right now is the time to makes us Jason Todd fans ( I know there only 5 in the world ) happy with a Red Hood figure!

Next week we go back to the world of Marvel as we be looking at the Thor Ages of Thunder San Diego Comic Con Exclusive figure.

Simon Daoudi