Collecting: Bowen Designs Daredevil

Published on August 21st, 2010

Right now in the Marvel Universe the “Shadowland” story arc is in full swing with Hell’s Kitchen’s protector, Daredevil, using his army of Hand ninjas to turn the New York neighborhood into a police state.  So it seems only fitting that this week’s Statue Saturday spotlights the handicapped hero in all his glory.

The Bowen Designs Red Daredevil on Gargoyle Statue is sculpted by Randy Bowen with Troy McDevitt.  The statue comes in three separate pieces: Daredevil, gargoyle and a 3″ booster base which, when fully assembled, bring the statue to a towering 18″ tall.  It also features a poseable wire extending between his two billy clubs.

This is really an amazing statue.  The wonderful humans at Bowen Designs always produce truly stunning products and this Daredevil does not disappoint.  Just the sculpt of Daredevil himself is meticulously detailed and emotive.  He looks like he’s in motion as he climbs up over the gargoyle he’s perched on to look over the city below him…but since he’s blind I guess he’s listening to the city below.  The poseable wire between the billy clubs in either of his hands adds to how dynamic this sculpt is.  By making it poseable it allows the owner to add their own style to the statue and overall makes it look like Daredevil just broke his clubs apart to reveal the wire inside that he’ll be swinging on from building to building.


The paint job is also breathtaking.  I’ve seen other Daredevil statues that just use a flat red paint for his suit but this statue uses a semi reflective, glossy type paint that adds a lot more character and flair to Daredevil.  It also lends itself very well to the darker paint used as shading in the creases and curves of his body and costume.

The gargoyle is also stunning.  It’s very gothic looking and conveys lots of emotion itself.  The cracks in the base of the gargoyle and the pits and scratches along its body convey a very aged and weathered sense while the chain dangling from its mouth is very dynamic and really helps make the gargoyle look like it was torn off of an old church.  Add the booster base and this is a truly epic and impressive looking statue.  To really get the best bang for your buck out of this statue it’s probably best displayed up so that you can truly take in all the detail of not just Daredevil but the gargoyle as well.

One of my only complaints about this statue is that his mouth looks like it was sculpted a bit low on his face.  Other than that, this is really a fantastic piece for any enthusiast of The Man Without Fear.

Unfortunately, the red version of this statue is completely sold out on both Bowen’s website and Amazon list this statue as out of stock but Amazon does have the two alternate versions for sale.  The yellow costume is going for $259.99 and the armored version is $207.99 but both are very limited so if you want it from Amazon, buy fast.  Your only other option would be eBay.

Overall, this is one dynamite statue that will really help spruce up that boring old living room of yours.  Start hunting eBay right now or see if you can find a deal on one at the next con you can find in your area.

Ian Candish