Sneak Peek: Crossed in 3-D

Published on July 13th, 2010

CROSSED from Avatar Publishing is by far one of the most more disturbing comic book series of recent years. It is a great book but you feel so dirty after  your done reading it.Now thanks to all the love 3-D has gotten recently at this years San Deigo Comic Con we get a Crossed original graphic novel CROSSED 3-D!

crossed3d_2 crossed3d_31

CROSSED 3-D will be written by Crossed: Family Values David Lapham and drawn by Ignition City’s Gianluca Pagliarani,
The solicitation for this comic reads as followed. When one of the last surviving human Doctors gets trapped in a New York skyscraper, S.W.A.T. veteran Lt. Hunt MacAvoy must assemble and arm a rag-tag group of handymen to go on a rescue mission of madness – right into a city of millions of Crossed!

it’s 48 pages long with a $8.99 softcover price. Enjoy the artwork for the softcover and hardcover.

Simon Daoudi