SDCC 2010:Paul Cornell

Published on July 27th, 2010


So as you may have guessed from this article, I made it out of Comic Con 2010 alive… just barely though. You will all be happy to know that I have full site in both eyes! On top of all that I got a chance to interview one of my favorite writers from last year!! Nooo not Brubaker, but the one and only Hugo nominated Paul Cornell! You know and love him from Captain Britain and MI-13 as well as the Marvel MAX series Wisdom.

Check out the interview where we get to talk to him a bit about his new on-going series Knight and Squire as well as taking over writing duties on Action Comic issue 890 and 891 (comes out this week!). You will also be able to find him on Stan Lee’s newly created project over at ‘BOOM! Studios’ working on Soldier Zero. For more info watch the video already!

Sheldon Lee