Review: Gorilla-Man #1 of 3

Published on July 19th, 2010

Many of you who have read my reviews know that I am a fan of Jeff Parker and Agents of Atlas. I love the idea of another underground agency working within the Marvel Universe. On the surface, the idea of  a book about Gorilla-Man sounds only a little enticing.This book has GREAT potential to get lost in the shuffle of weekly books but, after reading this first issue it shows that Parker and Company still have a few surprises up their sleeves.

Gorilla-Man and Ken Hale have a sordid past at Marvel Comics. That much is true but, ever since Jeff Parker has taken over  the direction of the team he has found a way to reintroduced life into Agents of Atlas making them an interesting and functional team. Now, with Jeff Parker at the helm writing and gorilla-man1Ginarcarlo Caracuzzo doing the art chores it seems he is digging even deeper to sort out Gorilla – Man’s  history. Last count there have been two other “Gorilla-Men” running around the Marvel Universe but, by far Kenneth Hale is one of the more interesting ones however little is known or has been explained before, well until now.

Gorilla-Man  starts out with a big art heist going on in Rome,Italy (Yes, there is another Rome so I had to make it clear) lead by Borgia Omega and his hired  goons. Enter Ken Hale AKA Gorilla-Man armed to the teeth and ready to fight. Ken turns the tide in the battle and is back off to Atlas HQ where  Jimmy Woo and crew are busy keeping Atlas honest. Ken is then assigned a new lead which partially sets up the next two issues. The other half of the book is flash backs, which will of course also lead into this new villain. I won’t get to far into it but we find out Ken once worked for another underground organization which makes this character even richer and more interesting.

As a whole the book explores Ken’s past while still dealing with his present. This allows Jeff Parker to build on many layers to an already like able ape.I personally have never liked talking ape’s in any story well other then Grape Ape but Ken’s situation is a tad different as he was cursed and thus is tuned into an ageless ape.The book also has some bonus things like a Q& A Twitter feed of Ken’s and Sketches as well as an old reprint of  Marvel’s Weird Wonders #7 featuring A Gorilla-Man but not Our Gorilla-Man.

Final Verdict: If you are a fan of Agents of Atlas I would say this is absolutely necessary reading. If your a fan of Dead Pool I would also suggest picking this up as it almost has that same feel to it, almost a Hell Boy vibe. If neither then skip it, but for me  Jeff Parker continues to write some of the best comics Marvel has to offer regardless!

Sheldon Lee