Review: Wonder Woman #600

Published on July 5th, 2010

So here it is, Wonder Woman #600. The last of the milestone issues from DC Comics this year. This is the one I know the least about as I am not big fan of Wonder Woman, and I know very little about her. I know the basic stuff, but you shouldn’t ask me who she was fighting in issue #350. For that, I would tell you to pick up the ‘Wonder Woman encyclopedia’ by Phil Jimenez and John Wells.

wonderwoman600Now onto the review of this book. Just like the two other comics of this type, it is full of shorts stories, although this time around we get five of them. The first one is by Wonder Woman fan-favourite writer, Gail Simone, and George Pérez (on art) who also did the cover for this issue. An army of Cyber-Sirens attack the White House. Wonder Woman and every female character that you can think of is in this fight.You know it it is full of great small details too, after all it is George Pérez. The Story was a lot of fun to read. Since all the other female characters look up to her, and it was a full of great jokes such as the one with The Question.  She’s trying to build up the courage to ask for an autograph of Bulleteer to tell her that it was an honor fighting next to her, but she has no idea who Bulleteer actually is. Yet Wonder Woman does know Bulleteer. I can tell you, that I have no idea who she was and I still don’t. The story ends with Vanessa Kapatelis’s graduation. One more time, I will say that I had no idea who she was. But it works well, because the feeling you get from the first story is one that you feel Wonder Woman inspires other female  characters in the DC Universe, and that is what this milestone issue is designed to do.

Ok. Now before I go on with next part of this review, I just want to say that I own a cat and this why is this next part of this issue was my favorite part. I love Amanda Conner who is not just the artist for this part of the story, she is also the writer. It features a team-up from of past between Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Cassandra Cain. There are a lot of fun and great jokes about tentacles and manga in it, as Wonder Woman wants to know more about the ‘Manga Monster’, as Power Girl puts it.

Now, why did I talk about me owning a cat? Well the rest of the story is about Power Girl’s cat, and if you’re a cat owner like myself, you’ll get all the jokes about how the cat is the master of Power Girl’s house. Plus, have told you that I love Amanda Conner’s artwork.

Next we get what could be said to be the ‘worst’ part of this comics, which is a Superman and Wonder Woman team-up,  from writer Louise Simonson, and artist Eduardo Pansica. Sure, I know it has to be in there somewhere, but it just does not feel right. I just didn’t care one bit about this particular story. It felt like it was missing a few pages in my opinion.

The next story however, is by Geoff Johns and artist Scott Kolins. This storyline was like watching Wonder Woman fight, at the same time as people were talking about Wonder Woman, about the kind of person she is. Think of it as an origin storyline. Now you might know the part in Scott Pilgrim when Ramona Flowers takes him down into the bright light where there is a meant to be a door. Well guess what, it is kind of the same thing here. But this time around, we get a young girl who is maybe a younger Wonder Woman taking her down the light and it ends with a fade into the last story in this comic.

Now we come to the last story of this milestone issue for Wonder Woman. It is written by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by Don Kramer, you know, the one the internet was talking about how when she got a new costume? Well now that I have read the story in which it appears for the first time, I can this much, it is only going to make less of a story-arc. I am still not a fan of it, I think it looks something out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (I love that film) and it just needs to stay in the 1980’s. Yet this new costume works well. Only, if it is for this storyline though. Did you hear me JMS and Dan DiDio? When you read it you know why it is there. After all, she is in an alternate reality, and you know that those Greek Gods are never up to any good.

There you go comic fans, and also if you were wondering… Would I tell someone to buy Wonder Woman #600? Hell yeah I would. It was the best of the 3 milestone issues from DC Comics. It also comes with 10 pin-ups too, by comic artists such as Adam Hughes, Nicola Scott, Ivan Reis, Jock, Phil Jimenez and a lot more of my favorite comic artists!

For all you fans of the Wonder Woman TV show, there is an intro here by Lynda Carter. My final note is PLEASE DC Comics, have Amanda Conner on a Wonder Woman book! I would read it.

Simon Daoudi