POW: July 7th 2010: X-Force #28

Published on July 14th, 2010

This week’s Pick Of The Week is a late night special, as the timezones are reversed! You’ll be listening to an early morning sounding Rob (10am), and a very early morning Simon (3/4am). Sheldon demanded he get his beauty sleep in preparation for Comic Con, so we’ve let our sweet prince have some shut eye for this week. Rob has the POW, and it is actually the last time he will choose his pick of the week for what could be a few years! Fear not though, it is not his final show as he’s returning for a weeks in August.

It seems there were some quite amazing books this week, and Rob and Simon don’t see eye to eye exactly on a number of the books this week. Scarlet #1 caused quite a stir in the Comic Impact den, as did Batman & Robin #13. Simon can’t believe his hearing when Rob tells him that Hellboy is King of England, and Rob is in love with Dale Eaglesham.

Rob’s POW is X-Force #28 (Second Coming Chapter 13) from Marvel Comics. Also discussed this week is X-Men #1, Batman & Robin #13, Hellboy: The Storm #1 (of 3), SCARLET #1, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 and Shadowlands #1.

Rob Andrews


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