POW:July 14th 2010 – The Thanos Imperative #2

Published on July 21st, 2010

It’s time for the Pick Of The Week again kiddies! Enjoy the overly sleep deprived sounds of Simon (about 3 hours sleep) and Sheldon (even less) while Ian lords his 7+ hours over the other podcasters.

What a week for comics and (shockingly enough) the guys don’t all see eye to eye. Sheldon has the pick, Simon can barely read and Ian is makes disturbing promises to the creators of Gorilla-Man #1. Simon and Ian gang up on Sheldon for not reading Chew #12, everyone’s weirded out by Daredevil #508, Superman #701 gets Ian sentimental and Invincible Iron Man #28 puts people to sleep. They also talk about Amazing Spider-Man #637, Thanos Imperative #2 and give a fond farewell to Second Coming #2. But which of these books is the pick? Hurry up and download to find out!

Simon Daoudi


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