Figure Friday: DC Universe Eclipso

Published on July 16th, 2010

Package Description:

Long ago the Spectre defeated the Spirit of Wrath, exiling its physical manifestation to a black diamond called the Heart of Darkness, and so it remained until Dr. Bruce Gordon found a fragment — and was possessed by Eclipso. The Earthly incarnation of the Spirit of Wrath. During a lunar or solar eclipse, Gordon’s alter ego would grant him superhuman strength, light-powers and use him in its ancient schemes for control over all mortal beings. Since then, Eclipso has possessed others, and is ever ready to tempt and corrupt both superhumans and ordinary people.


Ok, so first off I have no idea who the hell Eclipso is. I got this figure because I need more DC Universe Classics to review for you, the readers of Comic Impact. Also he comes with Darkseid’s left arm.

Guess what, he is kind of a cool figure. Mattel did wonderfully on his face. He looks a bit like another crazed lunatic  over at Marvel named Norman Osborn. He is around the same size as Nightwing and Green Lantern, which is the basic body size for the DC Universe Classics toys.

If you like a figure with a lot of color then Eclipso is your man because he is full of colors. Mattel did one of their best paint jobs on this figure in my opinion. It’s hard when you work on a figure that has more than two or three colors. Eclipso has quite a few colors on his costume. This is isn’t always easy to do. I love that they paid attention to his gem that he is holding between his fingers, as it is a different color than that of his glove. It’s stuff like that which can ‘make or break’ a figure for me when I review it. I also love the blue that they used on half of his face. Also, just as they did with the Deadman figure, they did a great job on his teeth and eyes.



Eclipso has the standard  DC Universe Classic articulation, so you get plenty of different points such as a ball neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel biceps, swivel thighs, hinged ankles, swivel wrists, hinged abs etc. There aren’t any weak joints or stuck joints.

It’s easy and enjoyable to pose this figure, just take a look at the photo. If that does scream out crazed lunatic I don’t know what does.

I feel like DC Universe Classics figure has the best articulation when it comes to figures, and that’s something I would love would to see more toy companies do, looking into how Mattel do their articulation.

Final Judgment:10/10

Oh my god, for a figure I did even want, and that I just sort of wanted because it comes with a piece of Darkseid ( his right hand), I am very happy I got this figure.

Last time I reviewed a DC Universe figure it was Spectre, and I was talking about how I wanted to get all the figures in the set to make the Darkseid figure. Well I know this is only the 2nd figure in this line that I have reviewed but I only need two more figures to make my Darkseid figure, so look for a lot more figure reviews from DC Universe Classics Wave 12, and after I am done with them look for a Darkseid figure review.

Also there will be no figure Friday next week to due to the San Diego Comic Con, but keep reading Comic Impact as there will be photos and a lot more from all your favorite toy companies.

Simon Daoudi