Comic-Con 2010 Survival Guide Podcast

Published on July 14th, 2010

Comic Con is next week! Are you ready to rock out in the beautiful city of San Diego? We are can’t wait for it, but what if this is your first time at a convention (or hell, what if is your first Comic Con) and you’re not sure what it’s going to be like?

san-diego-comic-con_logoWell the Comic Impact team of Sheldon, Ian and Simon have produced a survival guide for this year’s Comic-Con. In this special 150th episode, we talk to you about how to get the best out of Comic-Con, we’ll talk about the annoying stuff you’ll need to know such as where do I park my car? Or how can get one of the those badass sketchs from my favorite artist? Or how can you get that hot cosplayer’s phone number? Oh wait, that’s not…..on the podcast?

It’ll all be in there so stay hydrated and join us for our special 150th episode of Comic Impact, for your Ultimate Comic-Con Survival Guide for 2010. See you at San Diego!

Simon Daoudi

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