Sneak Peek: X-Men #1

Published on June 10th, 2010

evilseducesIf you listened to the latest Pick Of The Week podcast, then you will have heard us talking about how awful the upcoming X-Men series looks. It’s been almost 20 years since Marvel have put out an X-Men #1 so I hear, but I can imagine that to some people this is a pretty big deal, and it surely must be pretty damn special, right? Well we’re not so sure here at Comic Impact (excluding Dana, probably, ha!), we think the idea of the X-Men and vampires seems a little too silly to be taken seriously. Then again, our movie theatres are about to be overrun with hordes of overly emotional, teenagers with more black eyeliner (or whatever they have to their stereotype these days) than brains… so the release of an X-Men comic with vampires seems fitting. Other than that, the idea just sounds slightly terrible in concept. It should be said, this is not just my view on the issue.

Not for a second am I suggesting that X-Men #1 in terms of story is going to resemble anything like that of which I hinted at in my rant (I was suggesting the timing of its release seems a little suspicious).  No sir, and why not? Because we have some preview images for it, drawn by Paco Medina of recent ‘Deadpool’ fame. This series is written by Victor Gischler, who has also funnely enough worked on ‘Deadpool’ (Deadpool #900) as well.

Visually it looks decent, I must admit, but perhaps that’s just because I like Paco Medina’s art. The thing is I really, really want Marvel to make me eat my own words when this turns out to be an outstanding series! I’m just prayin’ it doesn’t suck, as this is one idea for a story that has the potential to fall flat on it’s face. What we can see in the preview pages below, is what appears to be a very large vampire killing himself in broad daylight, and some suspicious important looking vampires. There is not a lot else to really pick up on. It seems a tad violent and very bloody which is always nice I suppose. At least it looks like it has balls and is packing a punch. The preview images tell us a little bit about how Second Coming might end up in terms of who is still knocking around. Also, if we are to assume that is San Francisco where Pixie and Jubilee are hanging out in the preview pages, then we can cautiously predict that nothing of value is to be lost in the outcome of the event. Also, a minor point of interest; did Gischler just retcon Jubilee’s boob job?

Now, other than the preview images which can be seen below, there is a newly released teaser image for the series released by Marvel. It shows a vampire version of Emma Frost about to go down on her hubby and have herself a tasty pint of his blood. At first when I saw it, I was like “nay“, but now I’m like “yay!”. It’s drawn really well and reminds me of the classic vision of a vampire (yes, I am a fan of the classic versions of horror monsters), and not the fucked up modern day interpretation. It has a dark, sexual romanticism too it, there is something quite pure and beautiful in the act depicted. I would love to have it as a poster.




So anyway, you readers can paint your own picture as to what on Earth you make of this upcoming X-Men series. I am sitting on the fence right now, I see it going spectacularly well or flailing around on the floor like a level 5 Magikarp. No, I can’t believe I just wrote that either.

X-MEN #1 will come out on July 8th 2010, priced at $3.99. It will have FIVE variant covers, most of which look pretty pimpin’.

Rob Andrews