Review: Darkstar and the Winterguard #1

Published on June 6th, 2010

Most people are probably asking themselves, “who the hell is Darkstar and the Winterguard?“. Well, that was what I was asking myself when I saw the  cover for this comic.  I had no idea who these characters were at all, I saw a bear and Crimson Dynamo  and I told my self, Oh my god it’s actually a communist bear so I knew I wanted to read this and review it for you Comic Impact readers.


So who the hell are Darkstar and the Winterguard? Well think of these people as Avengers but with a Russian setting. The story starts off with them teaming up with Agent’s of Atlas  (which are Comic Impact staff  member Sheldon’s new favorite team in the Marvel ‪universe)‬ to fight Kang. The communist bear (Ursa Major) and Gorilla-Man team up for some great one liners, and also they team up for a fastball special and I would love to see a book just of those two guys.

At the end of the fight, the Winterguard are waiting for the press to show up and take their photos and to do some interviews with them. These are some of the best parts of  this comic because the news reporters make it out as if Ursa Major is dating Black Widow and that Crimson Dynamo can take down Colossus.

They we get to see the Winterguard talking in their headquarters and this time we get to meet Dmitr who looks a lot like Vladimir Lenin, who headed the Soviet state during its initial years (1917–1924). We also found out that this is not the original Darkstar now ,this is maybe a old new for some of you I am sorry but as I said at the start of this review I had no idea who some of these people are. She is telling Ursa Major that she feels like she is not doing her role on the team.

We also get to see Crimson Dynamo talking with the Red Guardian, who is a major asshole, and who also has a shield  made out of Vibranium just like someone else in the Marvel ‪universe‬. This was a big a surprise for me, I had no idea that the new Crimson Dynamo was a woman but hat’s cool with me. For the rest of the issue we get some people who I had no idea who the hell they are showing up, but I take it they are someone from the Winterguard.

I was not a fan of the artwork on this book, and I feel like Steve Ellis is a wannabe Tood Nauck. I would love to see someone like Nauck work on this book if they were going for the cartoon feel. But I would love to see someone like Jerome Opena on this book.Either way the cover is still  bad ass.

Over all, as someone who has never read any story with Darkstar and the Winterguard in it, I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to issue 2, who knows maybe I am will become a fan of this team.

Simon Daoudi