Review: Amazing Spider-Man #634

Published on June 21st, 2010

If you have been reading my reviews for a while then you know I have a love hate relationship with our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.To kind of reiterate Spiderman seems to have gotten the c-class treatment over the last year or so and I have been waiting  for a creative team to turn that around and stick with the book.Now Irealize that Spidey comes out like 4 times a month and again I would MUCH rather see him come out 2 times a month with a better book.


Onward now with the review of The Amazing Spider-Man # 634 with Joe Kelly on writing duties and Michael Lark & Stefano Gaudiano on art.This issue starts off with Peter Parker having the Swine Flu (really?!?) and having just defeated The Lizard in issue #633 (which also just came out this week).He is sick and in bed until he hears a knock at his front door and opens it to find a VERY bloody,badly beaten up Kaine warning Peter that “They’re Hunting Spiders”….Thus begins the GRIM HUNT chapter 1. Peter then drags his clone in to his apartment and goes looking for his fellow arachnids to warn them of an oncoming onslaught. Meanwhile in another location Mattie aka Spiderwoman is being sacrificed and dies at the hands of what looks like all the villains that have been giving Peter trouble this last year, only to try to bring back the original Kraven the Hunter(also really?).We then jump back to Peter who is fighting for his life along side Arachne against a new Kraven (not the one mentioned up above) and a female version of Kraven.They have a big fight on the rooftops of Manhattan and Spidey keeps complaining about hearing the beating of drums.They finally escape and end up at the now deceased Mattie Franklin’s Apartment only to find bum bum bummmmmm!! Ezekiel!There is then a quick couple of shots of Kaine coming to in Peter’s bathroom and then shaving. I won’t bore you with the other unnecessary story at the end of this book about the original Kraven..because well it is unnecessary.

First of all I LOVE Michael Larks art work, this is a no brain-er for me as I knew I would. He brings across the grit that you felt earlier in his Daredevil arcs. He draws Spidey in a way in which it could be the 70’s but it could also be last week, which is both unique and different.Some would call it a timeless quality.Joe Kelly’s story telling is also on in this issue, showing big build up reveals and bringing a little shock value per his story elements. I happen to like the fact that they seem to be cleaning house a bit in the Spidey Universe.Now as far as the pay off and the quality. I can only hope that Lark sticks with this book during this story arc as it is grim …ya see what I did there?If he doesn’t I fear that bringing in a different artist to help to duties on this will be a bit jarring at times and might take away from the overall story.

Final Verdict: Pick this up!! I still have faith that Marvel can pull off a great Spiderman book and this one issue is proof of that. On top of that this is a good jumping on point for someone who doesn’t normally read Amazing Spiderman.

Sheldon Lee