POW:June 16th 2010 New Mutants #14

Published on June 23rd, 2010

It’s come around to another Pick of the Week podcast once again folks, and this time around it’s down to Rob to choose his pick. Rob is joined by Sheldon, Simon and new Comic Impact staff member Ian, who makes his first podcast appearance.

It’s a not a very fun week for comics this week, and the guys didn’t have an awful lot of fun reading their comics this week. Next week is going to be amazing though for new comics! But the guys make the best of what they have and made a hilarious show for you. The guys talk Predators and Chris Hansen, which made everyone laugh their assess off. There is a big talk about the many downfalls of Spider-Man at Marvel, and some talk on some old school Marvel from the 50’s.

Rob’s pick if New Mutants #14 (Second Coming chapter 11) by Marvel Comics. Also discussed in this podcast are New Avengers #1, Atlas #2, Birds of Prey #2, Amazing Spider-Man #633 & 634 and Predators #2 (of 4).

Rob Andrews

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