Old Man Logan Sequel

Published on June 30th, 2010

Mark Millar made everybody sex wee just a little bit back in 2008-2009 when Marvel published his ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline which focused on a future version of Wolverine, in a world where the bad guys had ultimately ‘won’, and had killed most (close to all) of the superheros. It was an absolute hit, and although it was not to everyone’s tastes, it really was an undeniable smash-hit run, and went through many printings in single issues, and sold highly in trade format too.

oldmanRecently, on his online message board, Mark Millar has suggested that there will be an upcoming sequel to the series. Though he has said he’s not pitched it too Marvel yet, he is confident that it will be taken on board without much debate or opposition, as he knows how well the first story went down a couple of years ago.

He is pitching his idea for the sequel within the next week, and hopefully we will hear more of it soon as it develops.  He claims that his idea for a sequel opens with an insane Spider-Man flashback that sets the tone of the story. It will develop from there, if and when it gets the go-ahead from the top cats at Marvel Comics.

Comic Impact will keep you updated, as we hear more about the development of it.

If you missed out on ‘Old Man Logan’, then you can easily find it in trade or perhaps single issue format online. It is worth the read, especially for Steve McNiven’s artwork, which for me was far superior to the story itself!

Rob Andrews