Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Daredevil

Published on June 18th, 2010

Package Description

Though he is blind, DAREDEVIL perceives far more than most people. His senses heightened to superhuman levels by a childhood accident, he lives a world of continuous sensation. He can smell lies on a man’s breath, or hear the panicked heartbeat of a mugging victim from ten blocks away. His uncanny radar sense paints a detailed picture of the world around him, allowing him to dodge bullets, and survive incredible dives from the rooftops to the streets.

This figure is very red, and I am talking a sexy red. Hasbro did a great job on the paint job for sure, and I mean it is the only one color they used, but still wow.

Hasbro did great job on scultping the face, especially as this isone of the first figures in the Marvel Universe line. I don’t know what happens to the rest after that. It looks like they took there time to make this a great sculpture, however the one thing I got, is that it has bit of red paint on his face and it looks like he has bad acne.

He has pretty much the same body that Wolverine (X-Force) has which makes me suspect this is Hasbro’s template for these figures, but that’s fine though. His torso does not feel like it will break when I play with it and it certainly looks like Matt Murdock has been working out a lot! Just look at that 8-pack he has. Stay off the weights a bit Murdock. I’ve never seen him this ripped.



He has ball style shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, a ball style chest, swivel waist, ball hips, double hinged knees and hinge/swivel ankles.
His elbow can turn as well as move forward and backward.

You can also turn his foot in or out from the body and that’s a bit weird if you ask me, a lot like the Marvel Universe Wolverine (X-Force) figure. Daredevil has one huge improvement though, in that all these joints are tight and well constructed. They do not feel like they are going to break on me.

Final Judgment 9/10

This is one of the best Marvel Universe figures around. If you’re a fan of Daredevil or of great figures, then try to pick up one of these Daredevil figures if you can, because you will be more than happy with it. I know I am not a huge fan of Daredevil but I am huge fan of This Figure

Simon Daoudi