Figure Friday: DC Universe Spectre

Published on June 25th, 2010

Package Description:

When honest cop James Corrigan was killed by gangsters, the ghostly spirit of vengeance appeared before him and offered him a second chance at “life.” Corrigan agreed, becoming The Spectre, a ghostly avenger of evil deeds. But Corrigan was only one in a series of human hosts to The Spectre entity. The Spectre’s methods are often harsh, violent and instill intense fear in his victims. If you gaze into his pure white eyes and feel fear, your days as a sinner are finished.


This version of the Spectre is  from DC’s Golden Age. That is great with me because  I don’t need a Hal Jordan Spectre figure. The Spectre isn’t a particularly visually dynamic character but he is still a great looking figure. I love the collar around his neck. The head on this figure is technically good, but I wish he would look a bit more ‘mad’ because The Spectre is not the happiest guy in the DC Universe.

The paint job is not hard to fuck up and here is a very standard paint job that Mattel did a perfect job on. There is a variant figure which glows in the dark. The best part of this figure is has striking white eyes which are a great touch. Good job Mattel. The Spectre is judging you for what you have done to the rest of your figures. JUDGING!!!!!!



The basic DCU Classic sculptures are excellent for poseability. The is sculpture is very close to the Superman that was in the series 6 line. It still has the hard plastic that I hate. But the poseability is really where there is a lot of fun to be had with this figure. The joints are tight and plentiful, just not exactly the most well-hidden set of joints because of the white paint.

Final Judgment:9/10

Wow, I know 9 out 10 right, but here is why it did not get 10 out 10. Because I can see his joints and I wish his face  would have been a little bit more sinister, but over all I love this figure.
 Spectre comes with a small button with a old cover of a silver age comic.

He also comes with piece of Darkseid (right hand)  blue glove posed to hold the Mother Box and an open menacing golden gloved hand covered in circuits and machinery.
 I know that Darkseid is one of the few Collect and Connect figures in the DC Universe line that I want to make. I think after I am done with this review I am going to  buy a few more of this line so I can make the Darkseid figure and maybe review that for you the Comic Impact readers that need your figure fix every Friday!

Simon Daoudi