Sneak Peek: Post-Thanos Imperative

Published on June 8th, 2010

A few months back on Comic Impact, I reported that Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy had gone on hiatus whilst The Thanos Imperative took the spotlight in Marvel’s Cosmic line of comic books. Many fans (including myself) were not sure what the fate of these two series was to be, as there were rumours of these two series not coming back after the Thanos Imperative ends. However, I was sure they wouldn’t get cancelled, as it seemed illogical, and if it was their intention to cancel them, then Marvel would have come out and admitted they were by now.

But thanks to Marvel Editor; Bill Rosemann, we can now shed some more light on the issue. Whereas Rosemann did not directly suggest that either Nova or Guardians of the Galaxy are officially coming back, he did at least imply that they are definitely not going to disappear.


At HeroCon this past week (4th-6th June), fans were given the chance to ask the Mondo Marvel Panel their questions. Rosemann was asked a question regarding the state of the Cosmic comics at Marvel.

Rosemann said that while he couldn’t get into specifics, fans of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy should be happy after the end of Thanos Imperative.

More cosmic goodness is not only happening, but will continue to happen.

So who knows, we might be seeing Nova and the Guardians back their own books come the end of Thanos Imperative, we might not. From what Rosemann is suggesting we might see the return in brand new series. Who knows what will happen, but at least we can rest somewhat assured that the Cosmic stories at Marvel will continue to roll on post-Thanos Imperative. I am excited, surely you should be too!

Rob Andrews