Sneak Peek: Return of Bruce Wayne Figures

Published on May 28th, 2010

Ok, so I love Batman stuff, and after all I do have a Batman tattoo on my left arm. I do love Grant Morrison too, as I think he is one of the best writers in comics. So far I have not been enjoying ‘The Return of Bruce Wayne’, but I have not read part 2, as it only just hit comic book stores the other day.

But the good people at DC Direct think so much of this new Batman story line, that they going to make a set of time-hopping Bruce Wayne figures. In this line, we’ll get a Prehistoric Batman, Witch-Hunter Batman, Wild-West Batman and a High-Seas Batman. But the worst part is that we’re going to have to wait until April 2011 (or later) for these figures.

robw_s1_af_caveman robw_s1_af_cowboy

robw_s1_af_pirate robw_s1_af_puritan

I am sorry, but who really wants a ‘Witch-Hunter Batman’? I mean, he looks a bit like Hugh Jackman from the Van Helsing film (and we all now how great that piece of shit was) and this is only the first wave of figures for this line. The cool part is the all-over design around Andy Kubert’s artwork from the covers since the interiors have all different artists on them. I still want my Batman in space fighting robots from the future.

Simon Daoudi