San Diego Comic Con Expands

Published on May 4th, 2010

The San Diego Tourism Marketing District, which is a non-profit organization,  has agreed to giving Comic Con $500,000 over a five year period. The money is to be distributed as $100,000 a year and will help pay for shuttles to the newest hotels grouped in to the room block. The number of hotels has doubled to 64 and will have reduced rates. It is also reported San Diego has included free meeting rooms at the city’s three major bayfront hotels and  reduced rental rates at the convention center over the next five years.

comiccon09I don’t know about you but I say good for you San Diego. They are making a play for keeping Comic Con there long before the contract is up. It’s good business to put forth a little effort and money to keep an event that brings in tens of millions of dollars to the whole county. It’s smart and in the long run may be what tips the scales to their advantage. Some may say it’s a bribe and I think that is looking at it a little to skeptically. It’s no different than a store holding a sale or giving a gift with purchase. If the city wants to compete with Anaheim and Los Angeles, the two front runners in potential new locations, they have to be aggressive. I am also sure this is just the beginning of what San Diego is willing to do to keep Comic Con.

Comic Con officials have said one of their biggest issue is the size of the venue. They are out growing the San Diego Convention Center and that is what has prompted them to look at other locations. San Diego has countered with a proposal to expand 200,000 square feet. Which will make it as big as The Anaheim Convention Center. I have a different thought for Comic Con. Keep San Diego as your home and get rid of all the pointless, movies, TV shows, anime and video games. You get rid of all the panels that have NOTHING to do with comics and see how much extra room you have for the hundreds of thousands of people who will still show up for a good COMIC convention. But hey what do I know? I’m just a comic fan.

Now let’s see what Los Angeles and Anaheim have to offer, seeing as there is still two more years left on the contract with San Diego. Should get very exciting!

Christina Flores