Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #10

Published on May 14th, 2010

For some time now I have felt like Ultimate Spider-Man has been a better comic book  than Amazing Spider-Man. I still love ASM, but I feel that Ultimate Spider-man is the book that makes me feel  like a  happy fanboy. For a long time Spidey has been hit or miss, and for more on that, then read Comic Impact staff member Sheldon’s blog, “Is Spidey good this week? 50/50 chance!”


Right now though, I want to talk to you about the latest issue of  Ultimate Spider-Man, it’s currently in a two part story arc called ‘Tainted Love’. But before you go on out and listen to the Gloria Jones song with the same name, here is my quick review of Ultimate Spider-man # 10.

The comic opens with the Feds coming to nab Kitty Pryde for violating mutants law, which is that mutants can’t go to the same school as you and me. Talk about prejudice at its best. This makes me think a lot of the Civil Rights movement back in the 1960’s or just another day in Arizona. I know that the mutant prejudice story line is not a new story in Marvel Comics, it’s been there since day one of the X-Men, but what Brian Michael Bendis does here is make you feel sympathetic for Kitty. One of her ex-boyfriends tries to stop the Feds from taking her away from her friends, after all it is her right to go to any school, and she doesn’t want to get kicked out because she is a mutant.

One more great part in this book is when principal Siuntres, named after John Siuntres of wordballoon, gives a powerful speech at the PTA meeting, about how he did not know that Feds were going to come in with guns and scare the shit out of all the kids. Also, we keep seeing Aunt May, which makes me think, since principal Siuntres has now quit is Aunt May the next principal? There is some great lettering  by VC’s Cory Petit, when Siuntres is talking and everyone is asking him questions.

Then the crazy ride that is Ultimate Spider-man #10 kicks off  as Spidey and his friends Ice man and Johnny Storm come to go help out young Katherine ” Kitty” Pryde. At the same time we get a reveal of the mysterious “red cloak”, but it was not a big shock for me. The end of this issue with Mary Jane Watson was a bit “oh wow”, I can’t wait to see where this story is going.

Bendis is doing a wonderful job and is working on the best Spider-Man book of 2010 so far. I’d even say Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man is the best mutant book on the stands right now.  I love and hate LaFuente’s art, sometimes it feels very manga influenced yet there is a panel where Kitty punches spider-man and it is one of my favorite panels so far this week. This book NEEDS to be on your pull list if you enjoy fun, if not, well then go read your gas bill.

Simon Daoudi