Review: Titans Villains for Hire Special

Published on May 13th, 2010

Titans came out with an oversized one shot this week Villains for Hire, written by Eric Wallace.  This issue has Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) gathering a group of assassins for hire, his very own Titans. And their first mission is to kill the Atom (Ryan Choi) for Dwarfstar.  Deathstroke enlists,  “Floronic Man” (Jason Woodrue), can manipulate plant life.  “Cheshire”  (Jade), she is a martial artist, marksman and an expert in poison, “Tattooed Man” (Mark Richards) with the power to make his tattoos come to life, “Cinder” (Carla Moretti) she can manipulate heat and turn into molten lava and “Osiris” (Amon Tomaz) who has super strength, speed, fight and is physically and magically invulnerable.

titansvillainsforhireI haven’t been reading Titans for years and years so I don’t know all the heroes and villains but wow, these villains have some names that made me laugh. I am sure it is hard to come up with names for all the characters you come up with but  Tattooed Man…Really? The best someone could come up with was a man who can bring his tattoos to life? I would have loved to be in on that meeting.  Everyone else at least got a little extra thought, Floronic Man at least that sounds like something that someone sat down and thought about for a while. A man who can manipulate plant life could have easily been Plant Man.

I really enjoyed the writing in this book. Wallace created a good base for the future storyline in Titans. The motivation of each character joining was interesting to me. Osiris’ reason was my favorite, his overwhelming need to find a way to bring back his sister back from the dead pulled at heartstrings without being overly sentimental. I asked myself, what would I do to save someone I love? I’d couldn’t rule out killing.  Others were motivated by revenge and a need to hurt people for what they think makes it ok. Something else that stuck out to me was Deathstrokerepeating it isn’t personal, just business. He made it a point to say it was a paid assignment. And when The Atom’s girlfriend shows up he stops the attack to allow him to get rid of her.  No unnecessary death, which is both intriguing and scary. Someone who is willing to kill with no other motivation than money is the most dangerous.  Makes him a formidable opponent in upcoming issues.

Now for all the good points about this book there are a few things that I was not happy with. To start it is $4.99. Oversized or not, it is still a lot money. I enjoyed the book but don’t know that it was worth five dollars. Another thing was the inconsistancy of the art. With four different artists on the book, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Mike Mayhew, Sergio Arino and Walden Wong, it fell short of being cohesive. One page would be pretty, well drawn faces and action and the next would be misshapen facial features and sloppy lines.  Most of the coloring by Hi-Fi was well done, falshbacks had their own color scheme that worked well to convey a memory but the little details from panel to panel were overlooked, little things that just seemed to go unnoticed. The art felt rushed in all aspects. That’s sad because the story is solid.

I hope they fix the art before the next issue come out because the ending of this book could be a great start for the next arc in Titans.

Christina Flores