Review: Superman: War of the Supermen #4

Published on May 31st, 2010

On Free Comic Book Day, if you were lucky, then you could have gotten yourself a copy of War of the Supermen #0, which introduced this new storyline. I was looking forward to this book and I had high hopes. Now it is over with issue number four. Did this series leave me with a happy ending? The cover had “Kneel Before Zod!” so maybe.

Before I tell you the answer, here is my review of War of the Supermen #4.


This story takes place in the middle of the Hundred Minute War and we see different parts of the world, as Zod and his army take on the humans and our favorite Kryptonians;  Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy .

Superman is fighting Zod, and with one the most over-used lines in comic history, he tells him that “This ends now”, and Zod somehow throws a battleship at Superman, that’s right, a fucking battleship, when he looks for Lois.

We see Supergirl fighting Ursa in front of the White House. Who do you think stops Ursa?  Krypto the fucking dog, one the worst ideas in comic book history, stoping a bad ass Kryptonian. I don’t care if he is Superman’s dog, I still hate Krypto. In this issue you think maybe that this is where the man of steel’s best friend is going to die, but I was out of luck. Then we go back to Zod vs Superman, and he tells  Zod not to count out the Justice League.

We find out that Superboy (Conor) somehow got the Phantom Zone Projector and is now sending everyone back to the Phantom Zone. At the same time Lois Lane’s father (General Lois) kills himself with a gun to the mouth, Kurt Cobain style, since he knows he fucked up and there is no going back.

Superman is about to go into the phantom Zone with Zod and the rest of his army as their warden. As he is about to sacrifice his life, Superman’s son tells him they’ll take care of Zod because the world still needs him (Superman) out there fighting the good fight.
There are too many things to say about this book. Overall it left this Superman fan wanting more than what we found out. This is a good wrap-up issue as Superman #700 comes out next month and it was a good way for them to clean up all the mess they have been doing over the past 2 years. with Billi being pregnant and the rest of the Kryptonians still out there. This opens the door for a lot more story in the upcoming years. Overall War of the Supermen was an epic fail. I think watching old school episodes of Lois and Clark would be more fun and I hate that show.

Simon Daoudi