FRINGE….Alternate D.C.

Published on May 30th, 2010

I love this show! I love Walter,Gene The Cow,Astrid,Peter,and Olivia! If you have no clue as to what I am talking about then you haven’t been watching one of the best shows on TV FRINGE! Easily FRINGE is the reason I get excited about Thursday Night TV! FRINGE follows a splinter division of the F.B.I. called the Fringe Division.They are tasked with figuring out the odd cases.Think of them as the X- Files with out having to deal with the back story of aliens all the time. In the season 2 Finale entitled “Over There”Part 2 of 2 they did something only eagle eyed comic book fan boys would have spotted…and here is where the comic book connection comes in. In the middle of the two part season finale they show a group of framed comic book covers behind Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) while he is in an alternate universe. Those covers are presumably the Alt D.C. covers of our own D.C. covers.They even get the original cover dates and issue numbers exact!.



I keep telling people what a deeply rich world that FRINGE has developed and this only supports that idea. Apparently the story behind the five covers is that they contacted D.C. about coming up with a few ALT U covers and got different artist like Batman: Arkham Asylum artist Carlos D’Anda, The Authority: Lost Year artists JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, and Oliver Nome, and art directors extraordinaire Larry Berry and Ed Roeder for the last cover  (The Red Lantern/Red Arrow) they got Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert! All of these covers are FANTASTIC but I think my favorite is the understated Death of Batman..which in many ways has caught up with our own universe! FRINGE really is a great Sci-Fi show and will be a great replacement for people suffering from LOST withdrawal. They only just finished up Season 2 so there is no reason why  you can’t jump on board this fast paced moving show! I dare say it is becoming the show LOST wished it could have been!


Sheldon Lee