Figure Friday: Blackest Night Black Hand

Published on May 28th, 2010

Package Description
William Hand used the weapon of Atrocitus to drain the power form Green Lantern’s ring energizing his own criminal activities. Plaguing Hal Jordan for years. Hand never posed a serious threat fading into obscurity. His return ignited the foretold Blackest Night,threatening to destroy everything the Guardians and Green Lantern Corps stand for – in ways never dreamed imaginable.

Before I talk about this figure, I would like to talk to you about something….. That’s that when I first saw this figure in the previews (or maybe here at ComicImpact) we see that the paint job on his costume was blue. Well guess what, it is not blue anymore, it’s more like a light grey. I was more a fan of the light blue, but oh well, I guess it was just poor planning from DC Direct.

The grey does work on his costume, and you can tell from just looking at his eyes. DC Direct did a great job on his face as he looks like a total nut-job, and that’s who William Hand was.

I also love the way they did the Black Lantern logo on his outfit, it has some grey paint on it to make look dirty. They did a great job on that part of the figure. I also love the texture on the side of his outfit, yet his cape is very inflexible. His left hand has black gloves which have a very plain black paint job, but it works well and you can also make him hold Bruce Wayne’s skull, which I would love to have glow in the dark. But that is in my wet dreams only, as DC Direct did not use glow in the dark paint when they made the skull.

His other arm is just a dirty skin paint job, but it works well as he is very shriveled, boney and full of veins anyway. Great details here, yet I feel like they were trying to use a Superman sculpture for this figure. Maybe the upcoming Superman from wave 7 of these Blackest Night figures will have this figure’s sculpt.

He also comes with a stand which has the Black Lantern symbol on it, just as all the Blackest Night figures have, and it’s around the size as Green Lantern: John Stewart Blackest Night figure and Black Lantern Aquaman figure from wave 3.

Great details all around!



Ok well here is the part I hate the most about this Blackest Night figures, there is no poseability or articulation. Yet for a DC Direct figure his head does go up  and down and left to right better then a lot of this Blackest Night figure I have review so far. There is no motion when it comes to his torso. His knees do a cool trick, they bend and rotate a full 360 degrees. As with most DC Direct figures, there’s not much movement. This figure also has very bad balance as I am having a hard time making him stand with out his stand

Final Score 6/10
If your looking for a cool figure just to have on your desk that has some GREAT details then this the figure you want. But sadly like every DC Direct Blackest Night figure there is no poseability which hurts the figure when your looking at it for a review point of view. I do wish that they would ad a glow in the dark feature print on the skull but sadly they do not.

Simon Daoudi