Production Update: Captain America

Published on May 21st, 2010

Planning on taking a vacation sometime soon? Why not pop over to England, we’d love to have you! Just as we love having superheroes come to visit us as well! What am I talking about, you ask yourself? Well it appears that our beautiful country has become a real magnet for our beloved ficitional heroes. Kick-Ass was the latest superhero film to be shot in England as far as I am aware, but very soon it will be the second most recent film to be shot here, as Captain America is apparently going to be filmed here too.

The idea of Captain America being filmed in England is quite odd, but as it failed to qualify for a tax break on a high budget of $140 million for filming in Los Angeles, I guess that ol’ Blighty will have to make do. Captain America is not the only film to have fled location to avoid the tax burden of shooting in California, films such as Pirates of the Caribbean amongst many others, and most famously the old Star Wars films (of which only Return of the Jedi was filmed stateside), have all done the same.


All in all, I’d say you can’t knock this decision, it is very sensible given the economies of today. I don’t see any reason for Captain America to start loosing his ‘American-ness’ either. I do find it quite amusing however, that a patriotic film about a character whose country is in his name, is not being filmed in his own country. But hey, what are you going to do?

I predict we’ll see Thor being filmed in Scotland next (hey, that’s not a bad idea). But as of right now, I will say that on behalf of the people of England who give a damn, that we’d be delighted to host the good Captain, as he runs around beating up fake Nazis with a camera crew!

Captain America staring Chris Evans (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Fantastic Four) is set for an estimated summer 2011 release.

Rob Andrews