What I Learned at WonderCon: Part III

Published on April 10th, 2010

Welcome to part 3, the final chapter, of my WonderCon wrap-up. We’ve heard about the Aspen Comics panel, Image Comics panel and the DC Brightest Day panel so far.  But of course panels aren’t the only fun to be had at conventions.  I also got to chat  with a lot of great people and pick up little facts.  Below I have a couple of random facts I happened upon as well as some pictures from my weekend.

Random Facts

Frank Cho inks with Micron technical pens, sizes .08 and .005, not brushes as many believe. Totally fooled me. (This is from a panel)

JT Krul does lot of research for killing characters.  Yea, I just called him a murderer  (kidding, please no one sue me)

James Marsters really wants to do Torchwood audio plays. He actually told me this, how wonderful would that be?!  James also told me a story about when he excitedly told his son he was going to be on Torchwood thinking he would think it’s cool.  His son was less then impressed because his character, Captain John Hart, as the villain usually does, losses at the end of the episode.

Ale Garza’s next work will be for Top Cow. I don’t know which book but I’m intrigued maybe he can get me interested in Top Cow again.


Now it’s time to cuddle up for the slide-show:

I ran into Gabriel Bautista at the Image Comics booth and he drew me one of my favorite Con sketches to date, Captain Jack Harkness (from Torchwood). He used my cell-phone wallpaper as reference, pretty impressive.

wondergab richianto

The always hilarious Richard Starkings was concerned that he would lose the title of my favorite Con sketch and couldn’t let that happen! He quickly grabbed a page from a notebook and drew my favorite Torchwood character, Ianto Jones, but in a rather cruel way. I still can’t stop laughing at this.


Moving from the Image booth to the Image panel, Richard introduced me to the ever-so wonderful Jonathan Ross. He was very lovely and took the time to talk to his fans.  He also posed with me for a cell phone photo, which is pretty blurry, apologies.


Jonathan also signed my “special creators’ edition” copy of Turf #1.danajames

I had a pretty big fan moment when I finally got to meet James Marsters. I grew up watching him on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and he was also on “Torchwood” which has become easily my 2nd favorite show ever.

If you’re wondering, he was very down to earth and nice, he even offered to sign my breast! Am I really going to turn that down? He also signed a picture of his character from Torchwood.

Other highlights of the show included seeing the premier of the new “Doctor Who”, which was so good I might love Matt Smith more than Rob Andrews. I also talked to quite a few familiar faces and with any luck in the near future I’ll be setting up some very cool interviews for Comic Impact. And of course I visited the Aspen Comics booth where I picked up a WonderCon exclusive cover by Joe Benitez.


I hope you enjoyed my WonderCon recap, Comic Impact will be at Wizard World Anaheim later this month so check back for reports!

Loving my job

~Dana Shukartsi