What I Learned at WonderCon: Part II

Published on April 9th, 2010

Welcome to part 2 of my WonderCon wrap-up.  Let’s review a couple of general notes before we begin, any panel recaps are not claimed as strict transcripts, most are just the gist of what was said, unless there is something in quotes.  Anything in Italics is tangents and commentary by yours truly. Also, panels may contain spoilers. Please enjoy below information from the Image Comics panel and the DC Brightest Day panel.  I’ve broken things down into categories of discussion, hopefully it’s easy to follow.




The Walking Dead – TV show will air in October on AMC.

Frank Cho –They premiered the pilot of the Liberty Meadows animated series.  Frank said he wrote a far more offensive script but he was asked to make it less offensive so what we saw was a compromise.  He said he has since been asked to make it slightly more offensive and is re-writing it.

There was an attempt to make Zombie King a movie, but all that came of it was a 5 minute short directed by Frank Cho, which we also got to watch.

50 girls 50 Axel Medellin won.  He had the script for 7 pages online and anyone could enter the contest by drawing them.  After that they were narrowed down to 10 finalists who had to draw an 8th page with time constraints and then a winner was chosen.

Man of Action –Frankie Stein written by Steven T .Seagle  and illustrated by Marco Cinello.

It follows a Frankenstein monster kid who was told by his “dad”/creator that the world is full of monsters.  He breaks out to find out if it’s true, but he does so on October 31st. This books looks so worth while, I think it’s going to be the next Tiny Titans.

The Crusades –Is coming to Image comics, it used to be a Vertigo book.  it’s about a Dark Ages Knight reacting havoc on modern day San Francisco. (lettered by Richard Starkings)

Elephantmen –Issue 25 will feature 25 pages by 25 guest artists 2 of the artists from issue 25, Axel Medellin and David Hine, will each be doing a full issue of Elephantmen in the future.


Elephantmen has been optioned as a major motion picture!

Turf –New series written by Jonathan Ross with art by Tommy Lee Edwards

The first issue will be available in comic shops now.  I picked up an advert at the Image booth that says of Turf it’s  “a Five-Issue hard boiled  crime noir with girls, guns, fangs and aliens” and is ” written by UK television impresario  Jonathan Ross and Illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards”….that sounds like the best comics EVER. This book looks AMAZING, I picked up a copy of issue 1 and a review will be coming.

frankie turf_1


Question and Answer


+ Image United delayed? It has been, but it’s coming and is going to be in regular succession.

+ Release date confirmed for Walking Dead? October and it’ll be on AMC.

+ The S.W.O.R.D.? Stay tuned


+ Hip Flask comics? Hip Flask issue 4 is in the works, it should be out at the end of this year or beginning of next.

+ What’s a good jumping on point for Savage Dragon? Issue #145.  If you pick up the trade “Back in Blue” where he becomes a cop again, as well as the following trade (12 issues total) you’ll be in a great spot. I love that he had such a specific answer.


+ What is the appeal of working with Image, over other companies?The general consensus was that Image is full of great people and more creative freedom. Richard Starkings added “what attracted me to Image was the variety”.

+ Does Image take submissions?All that  info  on the Image website specifically in their submissions section here: http://www.imagecomics.com/submissions.php

Near the end of the panel Erik Larsen commented that “the whole purpose of  Image comics was creating  a comic book company  we would want to work for”. Well said, sir.




Green Arrow –Green Arrow is going to be Grell-esque. It promises to be a great jumping on point. Star City is gong to be a important place in the DCU.

Generation Lost –Maxwell Lord makes the world forget him except for 4 characters who have to make the world remember him. I have to admit the pitch for this book, NOT so great, but I have faith it’ll be better than that and read it if only for Booster Gold

Birds of Prey –The book will feature Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary AS WELL AS Hawk and Dove. That’s man Hawk, don’t know how I feel about a guy on the team .The team will be back in Gotham. A new villain will be revealed soon.  Geoff Johns added his pleasure at the fact that “Hawk’s the only guy on the team, (and) he’s a dick”.

General spoilers/hints –Coming soon are stories about Lex Luthor and Scarecrow about how being temporary Lanterns effected them.

Johns promised a Larfleeze Christmas special next year, I don’t know if he was joking, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be true.

There is something different about Deadman from anyone else who came back. Later confirmed that it’s that he is wearing a White Lantern ring.

Question and Answer –


When will we get more Kyle Rayner?JLA #47

Will Deadman still have any of his abilities?He will  have a lot of new abilities. This was a controversial decision to say the least, as Simon would like to say. he’s now Alive-Man, hopefully Geoff Johns has a plan.

Superman as a Blue Lantern? Nope.

Ted Kord? Not coming back, he had a true Heroes death, gonna leave him dead **sobs**

Jamie? Will be showing up.

For Gail Simone: Will barbara get her legs back? She was shot in the spine, NO! grrrr, curse you Gail!!

For J.T. Krul: Green Arrow is on the verge of becoming a big book again and so soon you can do whatever you want, can I have Arrowette back? I totally asked this question, forgive me…maybe.

Check out part 3 of “What I learned at WonderCon”, the final chapter I swear, to read about miscellaneous facts I picked up and see a few pictures from my weekend.

Your faithful Con slave

~Dana Shukartsi