What I Learned at WonderCon: Part I

Published on April 8th, 2010

This past weekend I got to go to my first ever WonderCon and I thought I’d bring you guys back some news and the like. A couple of general notes before we begin, any panel recaps are not claimed as strict transcripts, most are just the gist of what was said, unless there is something in quotes.  Anything in Italics is tangents and commentary by yours truly. Also, panels may contain spoilers. That being said lets begin.

I’m guessing most of you reading are curious about the panels that make conventions so exciting.  In the interest of getting to “the good stuff” first, please enjoy the following break down of the Aspen Comics panel. See part 2 of this story for the Image Comics panel and the Brightest Day panel. I’ve broken things down into categories of discussion, hopefully it’s easy to follow.



There will be a retailer incentive cover for issue 4  of Soulfire and it’s going to be a Marcus To FOIL cover.  FOIL COVER!?! yessssssss, i agree with this. Soulfire TPB of Volume 1 part 2 will be released early May. FINALLY!

Executive Assistant Iris
It’s a 6-issue mini-series BUT they are definitely continuing with more Executive Assistant titles in the future and they are in talks when David Wohl as to what and when. Up next is “Aspen Showcase: Rose” By: David Wohl, Randy Green with covers by Randy Green and Joe Benitez.

Micah was at too many conventions and got off schedule but that has been resolved, Issue 4 will be out later this month and Micah is currently drawing Issue 6. The book will release every 4 weeks with number 4 having interlocking covers. And then a trade after issue 6 to be released about a month after. Wow, those covers are NICE.


They are working on getting it adapted as a feature animated film ,like “How to Train your Dragon”.

FCBD Worlds of Aspen
Will include: – brand new Aspen story from Vince Hernandez and Scott Clark as well as excerpts from upcoming issues of Executive Assistant Iris, Dellec and Soulfire.

They are hoping to release a new Aspen trade once every 2 or 3 months.LOTS of interlocking comics coming from Aspen in the near future, very cool.

Peter Steigerwald is coloring Ultimate X for Marvel as well as Action Comics and Brightest Day for DC.

They are still doing the Heroes WebComic.

They are planing to release about a comic a week for the rest of the year, with exception of maybe 3 weeks.

Question and Answer

+ What plans do you have for Executive Assistant Iris book?

#4 just came out and the series is ending with issue #6.  They are figuring out the next series with David Wohl, but there will be a next series for sure.

Trade to be released about 6 weeks after issue #6

+ After the long break in releases how far ahead are you?


They are planed through the middle of next year and they are several issues ahed on each of the books. They got behind because they did to many conventions.

fathom0+ Will there be any Fathom movie tie-ins? How will it affect the comics? Will Aspen now be drawn like Megan Fox? Can’t help having noticed the Fathom Blue Decent Issue 0 cover looks A LOT like her. This is my question.


There is no intentional attempts to make it look like Megan Fox, it just so happens that Megan Fox looks a bit like Aspen and maybe the artists are drawing from her look but it’s not a plan to do so.

There is a new Executive on the movie that they are meeting with in the next couple of weeks. The script is done and now they are looking for a director. The Screen Play is by Jordan Mechner who worked on the Prince of Persia movie.

Megan is working on Transformers 3 so maybe after than they can start filming.

+ Movie Projects?


You can have 20 things optioned and nothing happens. You want to be picky and choosy to make sure to protect the interest of the properties.  There were times when something could have been done maybe but they are working towards quality.

Soulfire – it’s a very expansive universe and it’s a big movie it’s hard to make.

Other properties being worked on is Executive Assistant Iris, Shrugged, Mindfield and Scourge.

+ Motion Comics? Internet content? This is me too, I’m very curious

They are working on Apps and Comics on digital readers. They are aiming to be very inclusive so that as many players as possible can get them. Hoping to be available for 14-15 different readers. Looking to launch in 6-12 months.

They will probably release Soulfire and Fathom first and then work in their extended library of books.

+ Does the movement  to put things on digi-readers diminish the comics in print?


Not really it’s just about preference and ease of accessibility.

You can add affects and extra content. For instance maybe you could touch a character on screen and get directed to other comics with more about that character.

It also is better for instant gratification like NetFlix on demand.

JT Krul doubts that it would ever fully replace print comics. And I agree I mean really not having to read on screen and collectability alone are reasons that print won’t ever stop being preferable for me.

It’s a great option for smaller-press. If you do it digitally you can get more exposure and get interest in the printed issues.  Also for small press if all stores don’t carry the comics and for independent comics creators it’s chapter than printing, like WebComics.

+ You guys have a great relationship with other comic companies (in particular the big 2) are there any stories in those universe you would like to tell?


Frank Mastromauro  – Incredible Hulk

Vince Hernandez –  Not off the top of my head, he’s working on 9 books for aspen and is happy. “At the end of the Day, I’m an Aspen guy” My favorite quote of the Con

+ Any Crossovers you’d like to do or are planning to do?


Even within the books at Aspen there are no immediate plans. They have had no real event books in 7 years, although Frank has thought about it. They are not adverse to it would have to be a great book with lasting consequences.

I like that they have separate worlds, even within Aspen. Crossovers become costly.  Aspen has always been good a delivering quality books with supplementary books for more, but they are books that you don’t NEED to buy to understand the main title.

+ What’s the status of Ekos? Is Geoff Johns still on board?


Geoff is still on board for Ekos but it is indefinitely postponed because he is VERY  busy. Peter Steigerwald is likely to take the reigns as artist on the book.

+ How well would you say, on  a scale of 1-10 has Aspen recovered since Mike’s passing?



That’s all for now, please be sure to read part 2 of “What I learned at WonderCon” for play by plays of the Image Comics panel and the DC Brightest Day panel.

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~Dana Shukartsi