Sneak Peek: Secret Avengers

Published on April 8th, 2010

Marvel have been teasing us like crazy for a few months now, with (as I’m sure you’ve seen) adverts depicting silhouettes of mystery characters who are going to form part of a new Avengers team/series, titled ‘Secret Avengers‘. But Marvel are easing up on the teasing it seems, as it was shown during the past 24 hours, when two of the silhouetted figures were unmasked!

Beast and War Machine, (two very unlikely characters to be seen together if you ask me) will be teaming up as part of the Secret Avengers. Beast, being the brains or so I assume, has the fitting caption of, “I focus on the solution, not the problem“. War Machine can be seen here, sporting the thought provoking quote, “I act upon my convictions regardless of personal consequences”. From those two quotes alone, it seems we’re dealing with some very mature characters, whose moral beliefs appear to be their motive and characters who seem to have put a lot of thought to the cause. Thus, I believe we could be looking at quite a mature superhero team here.


Especially with Beast walking out on the X-Men recently in Uncanny X-Men, and with his short spell in space with S.W.O.R.D, it makes sense giving him a new home somewhere else. War Machine should prove to be an effective team member, and it’s good to see Rhodey taking a leading role in a team.


Ed Brubaker is going to be writing this new series, which kicks off in May. The artwork is going to be done by Dark Avengers artist; Mike Deodato. This should prove to be an interesting series, and we hopefully won’t have to be kept waiting much longer to finally see who the rest of this ‘secretive’ team are.

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Rob Andrews