Review: Going Boldly

Published on April 29th, 2010

While at Wizard World Anaheim I found this great book Going Boldly by TJ Sullivan. The book is a condensed version of the weekly web comic about Tim Desoto, a mission patch designer for the space program. He is friends with an ego maniac astronaut, Danger “Roc” Strong and has an official space program assigned Gremlin named Ed. Just with that I was so intrigued and very much NOT let down.

goingboldlycoverI think the greatest thing about this concept is as strange as it sounds it works so well. Ed, is hilarious, the form to all the crazy things that can go wrong at work. Actually, his job is to make things difficult on Tim. Every employee is issued a gremlin, only they can see, who causes things to go wrong. The space program thought it would make everyone more productive if they had extra challenges to work through.

Essentially creating people who can problem solve quickly. I wish I had an easy explanation for all the day to day mayhem in my life, why can’t I see my gremlin? The Janitor is the only one who seems to get that things are not what they seem and is a bit crazy. That could also be because Ed likes to mess with him. Roc is self centered and you love him for it. He is all about Roc yet somehow has become Tim’s friend. The unlikely friendship between such different personalities is classic in story telling and is done with such fun it doesn’t feel done or stale. Than there is Tim. Tim is awkward and funny and just really sweet. You want good things to happen to him but laugh when things go wrong. He’s the average guy with stars in his eyes and I love that.

I have to say the art is SO good. Sullivan has made it cartoon but grownup. Everything on the page has been thought out so perfectly. The facial expressions are amazing, each character definitely has their own personality. I really got that fun feeling I used to get reading the funny pages. I just really enjoyed looking at each panel, finding little details I missed the first time.

I am excited I found this and am definitely going to go see what is new every week. I suggest you all give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Christina Flores