Review: Flash #1

Published on April 15th, 2010

flash1I am officially a big nerd. It is new comic day and I just got through reading Flash Issue 1 by  Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul and all I can think about is THIS is the Flash I know and love and I refuse to take off my new ring! Lately many of you who listen to the podcast know I am the strictly Marvel guy. There is more to me then that though..I just happen to LOVE the Marvel Universe. Some of my starter comics and toys though were DC and I still hold a fond place in my heart  for a few DC mainstays the Flash being one of them. I was a little let down by The Flash: Rebirth so I was excited to see where this first story arch was going to take us.So now onto the comic.

This first arch is called The Dastardly Death Of The Rouges. It essentially has Barry Allen back in action and back in the Crime Lab in Central City.Right from the start we get to see Barry in action dismantling a car as it falls off the side of a unfinished bridge onto some unsuspecting construction workers! We then see several panels of  Barry being walked through the crime labs by his boss with an almost J.Jonah Jamesson sonesque tone which I think is perfect because I always felt that Barry is DC’s Spiderman! Iris is present as always and as always waiting on the fastest man alive.We then go to the meat of the story which seems to involve the murder of The Rouges. The issue then ends with a cliff hanger of  The Flash running to the top of a building only to find Commander Cold and his crew from the 25th Century telling Barry he is under arrest for a murder he has yet to commit!

Is it faced paced?Yup! Does it have great fresh looking art? You better believe it! Should you buy it?The sooner the better! If I have any problems with this issue or the story line thus far it is that far to often the creative team brings in villains from the future. Hey guys why not just create some cool new villains to torture Barry from the present? Ones the preferably ain’t lame or color coordinated. I do love the kinetic looking artwork and I hope that the story can keep up with it!


Ohhh and if that doesn’t sell you enough on this series did I mention you can pick up Barry’s ring when you buy Issue 1? So go out there and grab issue 1 and hold on for issue 2 because it looks to be a fast ride!

Sheldon Lee