POW April 20th 2010:The Brave and the Bold #33

Published on April 28th, 2010

It was a slow week for comics here at ComicImpact. Dana either went back to the sex club, or she is sick, and not just in the head.Rob tried doing the Pick of the week  but due to technical difficulties he couldn’t, so we let him go play in the volcano. So who is left around to do the podcast?

Sheldon and Simon!So join this duo as we talk about Ultimate Spider-Man # 9,Ultimate Avengers # 6,X-Men Legacy #235,Crossed Family #1 and Brave and Bold # 33)  and talk a bit about John Romita Jr’s artwork, and how it has never looked better in the sneak peek of Avengers #1.Sheldon talks about how he feels bad for Red Skull  this week, in Ultimate Avengers. Also how he is sick of Spidey and his amazing friends, aka Ultimate Spider-Man.Simon talks about the most fucked up comic he has ever read by David Lapham ‘s Crossed Family #1

All this and the PICK OF THE WEEK, The Brave and the Bold #33 by  J. Michael Straczynski with artwork by Cliff Chiang. Simon says, (ha ha see I made a funny there) it’s one of the best comics of the year so far.

So join us for a fastest POW ever here on ComicImpact and next week we’ll be back with all the crazy mayhem that is, the ComicImpact pick of the week podcast.
Simon Daoudi


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