POW March 31th 2010:Wolverine Origins #46

Published on April 7th, 2010

WHAT!? BLACKEST NIGHT #8 IS NOT OUR PICK OF THE WEEK? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?! Well, listen in and find out! This week’s Pick of the Week is being chosen by Rob, as last episode was Simon’s turn to choose his favourite book. Yes, Rob has returned from…wherever he was! Dana is missing this week, as she is busy with some important work that you will find out about very soon, my dear readers! So, let Rob, Sheldon and Simon guide you through this week’s books.

It was a somewhat lackluster week for comics this week. But Sheldon finally gets to laugh in the faces of Simon and Rob, over his Blackest Night predictions coming true. Simon shows his love for some proper X-Men stories. While Rob has trouble explaining his Pick of the Week, also tells us about his temporary fetish for small, hairy men in Japan.

This week’s POW is Wolverine Origins #46. Also discussed are Blackest Night #8, X-Men Second Coming One-Shot, Batwoman Detective Comics #863, Punisher #15

Rob Andrews


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