Marvel ‘Up’ Their Prices

Published on April 26th, 2010

How much will you pay for your Marvel comics? A lot of Marvel’s readers will have to be asking themselves this question over the next few months, and take into serious consideration what titles they are reading, and how much they are willing to spend. Because it has been revealed that this July, a number of 70 Marvel Comics, will be priced at $3.99 (that is 68% of Marvel’s comics on sale).

It looks like the majority of Marvel’s new titles that are set for release very soon once Siege concludes (Avengers, Secret Avengers et cetera), will not just have a first issue which costs $3.99, but every issue there on in will also cost you $3.99. I think it’s safe to assume that Marvel are using these new titles to see themselves into a new age of higher priced comic books. Titles such as Avengers: Academy, however, will cost you a more reasonable $2.99.

The statistic of 68% of Marvel’s titles come July will cost $3.99, is an interesting statistic. Especially in relation to another big company such as DC, who only have 24% of their monthly comics priced at $3.99. So 68% at Marvel, compared to 24% at DC, I’ll let you judge for yourself what that means to you. All I can say is, thank you DC.


Another piece of interesting trivia to go along with this surprising statistic, is that whenever DC charge you $3.99 for one of their comics, they give you 40 pages of content. Whereas when Marvel charge you $3.99 for one of their comics, you generally only tend to get the standard 32 pages of content. It looks to me as if DC have the upper hand yet again.

My question is, do Marvel need to sort out their finances? If DC can keep prices low to a degree, and give more content to compensate for the price hike, then Marvel could try a little better. Perhaps Marvel are struggling for cash? I doubt it, but I’m sure Marvel will justify their high prices in one way or another.

Is this fair on fans? Will Marvel provide some extra content to reward their fans for digging out that extra dollar? Probably not is my bet, but as long as Marvel keep writing good stories, then I’m sure they won’t get many complaints. But if the entertainment factor drops on a $3.99 comic, I’m sure readers will rightfully be gathering their pitchforks and flaming torches.

Rob Andrews