Jim Lee & his iPad

Published on April 6th, 2010

I love Jim Lee so much, I have a Jim Lee’s ‘Hush’ Batman tattoo on my shoulder, and I love Apple. I don’t even like looking at a PC, as I feel sick when I do. So when I first heard about this story imagine how happy I was. Mr co-publisher of DC Comics himself, Jim Lee, posted these tweets.


  • Ha–I bought sketchbook pro for the iPad–went to information and found some of my art for the Naples Comic Con shown Franceso Salvati’s.
  • Using fingers now–stylus on the way.
  • OK just playing around for an hr w/Sketchbook for the iPad; hard using finger to paint but did this rough
  • Waiting on @JeffBlinkinsop to bring me a pogo stylus once his lovely wife and he welcome their 2nd child into this world!
  • try adding layers and changing brushes. u need to zoom in to do detailed work then zoom back out for some fun results
  • also on the color dial on brush menu, see the lil eyedropper? Superimpt tool to select existing colors on screen
  • so i think using pogo for detail work and using fingers for larger expressive strokes
  • Gonna start a Joker headshot real quick on my iPad. Hopefully the Yankees keep this game alive 🙂 while I sketch

Sure, I know if you’re just reading these tweets it does not sound like a lot of fun. I am also sure you’re dieing to know what his Joker headshot looks like. Why not take a look yourself.


Not bad right? This was only his first weekend with the iPad and a stylus so imagine what kind of great artwork that we’ll be seeing from some of our favorite artists. Is the art of a sketch book dead now? Are we all going to have are iPad with us at cons.

I hope not but I found this cool little story that I wanted to share with you, since Sheldon has covered the iPad in his blog.  For those who are asking if I have one of these new sexy apple toys, the answer is NO. But you can fix that if you like Comic Impact, so readers email me and we can talk.


Simon Daoudi