The Hyatt says NO to Comic Con

Published on April 6th, 2010

Are you going to the San Diego Comic Con this year? Well I hope you were not planning on staying at the Hyatt.  They don’t want any San Diego Comic Con attendees.As some of you may know, Al Gore is in attendance for the American Health Association convention being held at the Hyatt during Comic Con time. The AHA have block-booked many rooms in the hotel for the duration of that weekend.

Now it looks like the Hyatt is saying “no” to the comic industry who spend approximately sixty million dollars at  hotels for those five days. So what happens if you try booking a room online? Well The Hyatt  has this to say.


These online reservations are available only for current and prospective attendees of the Health Forum / AHA Leadership Summit. If you are not a current or prospective Summit attendee, your reservation will be cancelled with notification from the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

That’s kind of fucked up if you ask me. I have never stayed at the Hyatt because I don’t have the money, and also because of the homophobia-supporting actions of owner Doug Manchester. But this is just not cool. What is a fan-boy or fangirl to do? Also, will there be more hotels doing some thing like this in the future? In my book the Hyatt is setting itself up for some serious legal action especially if they kick anyone out who reserved their room before this news.

Simon Daoudi