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Published on April 20th, 2010

This weekend brought lots of fun news from Marvel,DC,Image and Boom Studios out of C2E2 or as I like to call it “The Con that I wasn’t able to attend.”. But I am not bitter about it no, no I will continue on like Greg House limping along and taking my Vicodin that is the Internet to get me through my days so that I can bring you ungrateful readers all the news. The things I do for you people.Honestly.

So why are you still here? Oh right the news!This could be a long one so you might want to clear your schedule today. Although the big guys announced a lot of really cool news some of the more interesting tidbits came from Marvels creator owned company Icon Comics. The first rather large announcement was that good

Old Brian Micheal Bendis (we like him a lot here) will be teaming up with Alex Maleev (he’s got a hard last name to say…trust me)to bring us Scarlet. Scarlet has an interesting premise that explores a life in a not so different America where the titular character starts a new American Revolution. I just wonder what she will be dumping in Boston Harbor this time….Red Bull?Bendis elaborating by saying this on Marvels web site

scarletThe bi-monthly series will focus on the titular Scarlet, a woman who “is pushed down by a very corrupt government and finds herself with the strength she didn’t know she had to fight back, and her fight actually sparks a new American Revolution,” elaborates Bendis. “It’s a book that

starts very small, but then gets very large very quickly. It was inspired in part by writers like Paddy Chayefsky, who [wrote the movie] ‘Network.’ He created this world that was almost a parody [of our own], and then all of a sudden [we realize] it’s actually the world we live in.”

As such, Bendis sees a great deal of overlap between the real America and the America that Scarlet inhabits.

“You read the paper every day-and this isn’t about politics or anything like that-but it does seem like, if we woke up and someone started a revolutionary war, I don’t know how shocked we would be,” laughs the writer. “We’d be a little like, ‘Yeah, I can see where that was coming from.’ I see the anger and some of it I understand and some of it I don’t, and I just wanted to write about it.

“The book takes place in Portland to start. I live in Portland, and [it’s] a town filled with protests. There’s a lot of really sincere protesting, and I always look at it and go, ‘Yeah,you feel better, but nothing will happen from this protest. Nothing has ever happened because of a protest, ever.’ And I thought, what if one of these people-and I’m even one of these people-someone who’s pushed like this, finds himself with the strength to push [back] farther than you could ever have imagined.”

From that premise, SCARLET will explore the “grey area,” as Bendis describes it that exists in its world.

“How would a modern society react to something like that? Could that happen in this country today? And how would it work? Would it be a political threat [or] would it be a corporatized threat? I mean, there’s a lot that could happen, and I thought this was a strong enough, big enough idea that it was worth going ahead on. It’s something I really wanted to write about, something I certainly wanted to read about, and I know some people will see this as some sort of statement about politics in this country and it’s not, it’s about this person. And much in the vein of ALIAS or my work on Jinx it’s hopefully a very strong female protagonist who doesn’t always have the right answer and struggles with it.”

Sounds like a interesting story lets hope he can deliver. If you have been reading us for a while..and let’s be honest we both know you have, you know that we love Bendis and his work..not necessarily in that order and you also know that we have a little literary chubby for Matt Fraction as well.Fraction threw some bombshells at us by announcing not only his departure from his publishing with Image Comics with his series Casanova but the move to Icon and the re-print and  subsequent coloring of all past issues and current series of his acclaimed comic Casanova.Interesting to say the least but wait there’s more! He also said that he and Fabio Moon will be providing an extra eight page story for the first issue which should woo long time fans of the series to come back for the color and stay for the extra story.Fraction had this to say to from Marvels website and at C2E2.

Fábio Moon provided the art for the second volume of “Casanova,” so Bá is set to return to bring to life volume three. “He drew ‘BPRD’ and ‘Umbrella Academy’ – he’s absolutely at the top of his game and I’m writing this story for him,” Fraction remarked. “We’ve been working together an awful long time now, and I feel like me, Gabriel and Fábio share a kind of brain [Laughs]. And Gabriel’s art for this story is going to completely melt your face off. I think it’s the best stuff he’s ever done.”


I think we all know he has done an AMAZING job with Ironman so it comes as no surprise that this will be a great series to follow. If you don’t believe me then take a listen to our former podcast where we cover all things Casanova Vol.1. You really get a sense that Marvel is stepping it up with Icon and wants it to reach the status of Vertigo books.Which I think it is safe to say with titles like Kick – Ass,Powers, Incognito,Criminal,Kabuki and now Casanova and Scarlet they are well on there way to cementing a solid foundation in loyal fandom. So that is it from the big Icon news at C2E2. But wait there is one more thing. Yes just like Steve Jobs I am going to pull a “Oh, and one more thing” out of my proverbial hat. Icon has announced that you can get Ed Brubaker’s Criminal and Incognito in digital form now. You can find these on iVerse, PanelFly and Comixology via iTunes and the PSP for your digital reading pleasure.Brubaker went on to explain this move by saying.

“For the past year or so I’ve been hearing from e-comics and digital comics distributors who have deals with iTunes and PSP,” explains Brubaker. “I felt like there was this huge untapped market that we weren’t reaching with CRIMINAL or INCOGNITO, people who actually prefer to read comics digitally.”

You know me I’m a sucker for Ed Brubaker so chances are by the time this is published I am reading Incognito on my imaginary Ipad next to some hipster on a park bench…ahhh technology.I am only kidding but if Apple want to make that happen you can contact me below.Til then I remain

Sheldon Lee