Sneak Peek: Secret Avengers

Published on April 14th, 2010

It must be almost two weeks now since Marvel announced Beast and War Machine as the first two members of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato’s Secret Avengers team, and that alone was a shocking surprise for almost everyone, to have two quite contrasting characters in the same team. But believe me, it gets a heck of a lot more shocking here on in.

Because Marvel just revealed another two of the silhouetted figures from the Secret Avengers adverts we’ve been seeing in our comics, and over the internet. We have Valkyrie, and Moon Knight.


The fact that Moon Knight is now part of this team, makes me question my initial predictions for this series direction. As when I heard that Beast and War Machine were on the team, it got me thinking that this would be a forward thinking group, with moral standards on who they fought and why and so forth. But now I am starting to doubt that, as Moon Knight is a mentalist, as far as I’m aware, he’s an off the wall loony (the last time I read anything to do with him). So now I ask myself, how will Beast and Rhodey, characters of standards and superior intellect, deal with having someone like Moon Knight on the team. This is something I look forward to getting some answers from once I start reading the series. Who knows, perhaps Moon Knight’s on-going self-titled comic will start to explain some of his motives for seaking a spot on the Secret Avengers? Not to mention, I am quite intrigued by the quote next to him as well, which reads, “I strive for redemption”, as it makes me wonder, that perhaps he is trying to right all his wrongs? We shall see. I shall be waiting very impatiently, to see what Moon Knight brings to this team, and to this book!


Valkyrie on the other hand, I know very little about, aside from her being an outrageous hottie. I think she’s there just as eye candy for all the single men to make sure they keep reading the book. I really do wish I could comment more, but I’m afraid for me, she is the anomaly for this series, of the characters we’ve seen so far. Also, her quote of, “I am in control of my life” seems to be a little poor. It doesn’t really show any signs of individuality (as we are all in control of our lives arn’t we? No philosophical debates please), intellect, moral standing or anything else that gives insight into the character’s sense of placement on the team, unlike all the other characters, whose quotes have given such insight. I don’t know, maybe I’m knocking her a bit too much. Perhaps she is overcoming some troubles in her life, and she is getting through them. Once again, it’s the obvious case of, ‘we shall see!’.

What are your thoughts on the team so far? Beast, War Machine, Moon Knight and Valkyrie. Who next? Perhaps Fing Fang Foom? Jarvis the Butler?

Rob Andrews