Doctor Who: Extended Trailer

Published on March 26th, 2010


Did  you watch Friday Night With Jonathan Ross?  The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith was on it.  I did not see it, but thanks to the magic of the internet  you can now view this new clip from episode 6 of the upcoming season of Doctor Who. The episode is called Vampires In Venice.

Like I have said before I was a bit hard on the new kid on the block, but now I am ok with Matt Smith as the Doctor. I love that there is something for old school Doctor Who fans like myself when the Doctor shows his paper work to the Vampires. Yeah that’s  right is a photo of the first Doctor who was portrayed  by William Hartnell back in 1963.

Also take a look at this extended version of the series 5 trailer…

Did you see the new sonic screwdriver? Did you see the mystery woman, River Song?  Was that the space station Bowie from the The Waters Of Mars and Ice Warriors? I guess only time we tell. Just in case you don’t know yet, Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday, April 3 and April 17 on BBC America. Who knows some of us Who fans on the site may do a special podcast if you are nice to us. Also Today marks the fifth anniversary of the revival of Doctor Who.  “Rose” was first broadcast on BBC1. The episode was written by Russell T Davies, and starred Christopher Eccleston as the  9th Doctor and Billie Piper  as Rose.


And for you people at home who want to know if I AM  EXCITED?  What do you think?

Simon Daoudi