Torchwood Comic Strip

Published on March 28th, 2010

At this moment at least 1/3 of the geek population is counting down the the April 3rd premier of Doctor Who (April 17th in the US).  Everyone is excited and terrified to see how Matt Smith will hold up, especially having to follow David Tennant’s run. The good news is, we are only 6 days away from the release, the bad news is, for some the return to the Who-verse is bitter-sweet.


The return of Doctor Who has brought out a resurgence of fans who are desperate to see Torchwood back on air. They want to see the continued adventures of Captain Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman) and who isn’t dying for Jack to cross ways with Smith’s Doctor?  The current standing of the series and the character seems to be very up in the air. The popular rumor of the moment is that Torchwood will start filming in the US, either as a continuation or as a US reboot, likely with a new US chapter, Torchwood 4,  and all probability John Barrowman.

All this however is just rumor, we know that Russell T. Davies (series creator) is living in California now, we know John Barrowman is desperate to return to the character and we know they are trying to put something together.  Not exactly hope inspiring.  If that weren’t enough Torchwood needs to find a home on a US station and right now it’s looking like that home may be Fox. If this happens, fans are concerned that censorship and network politics will get in the way of what made the show great, that they will have to cut down on the sexual content and that they might have to de-Gay (although he’s omnisexual thank you!) Captain Jack. No one wants to see the series return for it to be ruined.  The hope I have is that Russell T. Davies will have a chat with the executives at Showtime (who were home to his series Queer as Folk) and see about getting them to pick up Torchwood.  If they can pull that off, Torchwood wouldn’t have to worry about any sort of censorship, in fact it may be free to get bloodier and sexier.

torchwoodmagazineBut all this talk is just hopeful thinking, what about the fan that wants some instant gratification?  If you’re unaware of Torchwood Magazine, it’s a great source for Torchwood behind the scene’s interviews and news.  In addition they run the occasional comic strip and this is where the news get’s great.  Gareth David -Lloyd, well-loved actor who portrayed Ianto Jones on Torchwood, has written a Ianto Jones comic strip for the April 15th issue of Torchwood Magazine. Yes! Issue #21 of Torchwood magazine will give us more Ianto story, which I know I’m ‘Jonesin’ for, and a rare chance to get a script by the actor who made us fall in love with him.  If you are unaware of the ongoing saga of Ianto Jones, here’s the break down HUGE GAINT SPOILERS COMING, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW STOP READING.

Ianto Jones is the Alfred of the Torchwood Institute , ‘food and drink” and he sorta know’s everything. In addition, he’s arguably the main love interest for Jack, who is Batman in this equation. Well, really more Dick Grayson, well, he’s the main bad-ass, go with it.  Along with the rest of the great characters fans grew attached to Ianto and in Series 3, Day 4 of Children of Earth, Ianto was killed (written by John Fay, who I hold personally responsible). Since then, the internet has gone CRAZY with campaigns demanding the return of the character. At you can find out more information about the effort, all the ways the fans have come up with to resurrect him and join the legions in sending things like Coffee to the BBC to show their support for the character…get it? ‘Cause he’s the coffee-boy?

Now that that tangent is over and you’re all filed in, we can get excited that we get a little more Ianto, hope for a new Torchwood and check back for updates on all things in the Who-verse.   And since we’re on topic, Happy Birthday Gareth David -Lloyd, I think a resurrection would be a great present, don’t you?

Because friends don’t let friends NOT watch Torchwood.

Dana Shukartsi