Review: Time Lincoln #1

Published on March 23rd, 2010

timelincolnWhen I heard there was going to be a book called Time Lincoln, published by Antarctic Press, I was very excited. I thought, now that is an interesting concept. So, of course I picked it up to give you all my opinion on it.

Fred Perry, both writer and artist, brings us Abraham Lincoln and his time traveling posse of Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver  fighting Joseph Stalin and his  henchmen of Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Mao Tse-tung.  How genius is that? Even the skeptics about this book have to agree, that is a pretty inventive storyline. While I love the concept I have to say the execution was not what I was hoping for. The actual dialogue felt flat. the first 12 pages is Stalin monologuing.  It does give us  background on the characters, including  the fights Lincoln has gone through,like foiling the assassination attempt against President Obama and Stalin getting his time traveling abilities from stripping Rasputin of his mystic secrets of “The Void.” As much as I enjoyed that it was still a completely one sided conversation and they don’t actually explain why Lincoln and his cohorts could detect Stalin’s power and time travel too.

My favorite part of the book was the art. The faces and movement were just really well done and mixed with the colors by Robby Bevard worked perfectly together. You have these earthy browns and tans  matched with vibrant purples, greens and reds that should be really harsh against each other but aren’t at all. It all just adds to the drama on the panels. I was reminded of The Venture Brothers by the cartoonish style Perry used. I really liked the idea of this book being a cartoon actually. Something to think about Antarctic Press.

Overall, the book was good, not great, and at times that good dropped down to just ok. I think if they turned this into an ongoing/mini series they would be able to fix the plot holes they created and have a really fun book following Lincoln’s adventures. As far as I know though, it is solicited as a one-shot.

Christina Flores