Rob’s thoughts on The Thanos Imperative

Published on March 19th, 2010

One thing I’ve come to realise as a bigtime fan of Marvel’s cosmic line of books, is that some sort of  ‘big event’ is never too far around the corner, or that one is most probably going on already. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, bless their hearts, can’t seem to keep these big, epic ideas down, it’s as if they have to publish them all! It must be just over a year ago now that we saw the introduction into War of Kings, which moved into Realm of Kings quite dramatically and rapidly, to which Realm of Kings is apparantly still going on right now (so the banners across the top of my comics tell me), but the Realm of Kings stuff seems to have eluded me quite bizarrely (as I don’t read RoK: Imperial Guard or Inhumans, but I think they’re dealing with Black Bolt and the more political side that has come to attention since WoK), but no use crying over spilt milk! And with Realm of Kings plodding along right now, we can expect another event to happen this year for the cosmic chaps.

It’s quite a dramatic event, but not in the dramatic way that WoK was dramatic. No, this event is dramatic because it not about a war (although who knows), but about the return of a special character. Yep, Thanos will once again be ‘up in this bitch’, come June this year. The ‘Big Chin’ is making a come back in an event titled ‘The Thanos Imperative, after he was killed by Drax The Destroyer in the Annihilation War a few years back.

thanosdeathdraxBut get this. Thanos, who is arch enemy to Adam Warlock’s evil alter-ego;, The Magus.. is said to not be merely returning, but is to be resurrected in order to stop The Magus. Now I havn’t read the latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, but I must therefore assume that the Magus forms an alliance with these monsters from the Fault, and becomes king of the 616 Universe, or something along those lines. This is heavy stuff. I really don’t think the Fault has been mentioned in other books that much, aside from the Realm of Kings one shot a while back. If I’ve missed something, it must have been short, but absolutely massive in productive plot content?!

But yes, so I’m not entierly sure how I feel about this. I am interested only a little bit because of the word ‘resurrection‘, and also that I want to see how powerful The Magus gets, to make someone go to such extremes as to bring back Thanos to take him down. I shall leave these ideas in the air however.

Anyway, I am aware that Thanos has been bugging the shit out of everyone across the Marvel universe for many, many years, and this return for him will be quite huge. But I just don’t get the deal with Thanos, what’s all the hype about this guy? I suppose I know little about him, but I know some (as he’s been dead for so long I never really thought about him, ha) stuff on him, and I know of his influence. I know this return is not just about Thanos, it’s about The Magus as well, so it is a comeback with a point, as opposed to just bringing Thanos back because ‘we were bored’, but still, I just don’t get it with Thanos. Plus I think that the state of everything with current events in the 616 right now, is so messy that this is not what we need, or at least not what I want to read right now.

I should say that once Realm of Kings ends soon, I will be looking forward to a period of not events or crossovers (but I won’t get my hopes too far up about RoKs ending before this Thanos stuff swamps us). Just a longing to see these great series (such as Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy) going back to having their own self contained stories, and taking a break from events for a bit. This is also, probably where part of my problem on this ‘return of Thanos’ thing is. I have just had to endure (quite willingly though I will add) long periods of keeping up with lengthy War of Kings, and now the not so lengthy, but what seems to be going on for a lifetime; Realm of Kings.. the last thing I want in all honesty, is to then have to keep up with another event.

I guess in toto, I am not that keen on Thanos, and I do not think the Marvel Universe (cosmic and Earth) is in any fit state, politcally or mentally, to be able to deal with a return of this impact. I know a lot of more ‘hardcore Thanos fans’ might take some distaste towards my views, but tough I suppose, I just don’t see the point in this. I think Marvel/DnA could come up with far better creative directions of which they could follow and explore in the cosmic comics. I personally want to see some more Skull action (although not too much), but I will leave that idea there as I don’t want hordes of Secret Invasion haters chasing me with pitch-forks and burning sticks.


Anyway, for the more enthusiastic readers of ComicImpact, who might show a little more interest than I do right now, I can tell you that ‘The Thanos Imperative’ will start with a one-shot called ‘Thanos Imperative: Ignition’, written by DnA and will art by Guardians of the Galaxy artist; Brad Walker (good artist!). After that one-shot, there will be a 6 issue mini series featured the main events of this story, called ‘ The Thanos Imperative’, that will obviously be written by DnA, and will have art Thunderbolts artist; Miquel Sepulveda.

I suppose that I may come around to looking forward for this series, but right now, I cannot say that I am all that overjoyed about it.

Rob Andrews