Stark Expo 2010

Published on March 31st, 2010


Well here it is the end of March and the beginning of April and the summer movie buzz is already starting to build. As you may know from reading a few of our articles we are all big fan’s of Shell head and he has a certain movie coming out in May! You may also remember that last year at San Diego Comic Con Simon and Myself were asked to join Stark Industries…..or at least we applied to but unfortunately we had heard nothing back.

UNTIL TODAY!!!! Officially the Stark Expo 2010 web site is up and running! Which mean’s any day now they will come knocking on my door!! Annny day. Until they do you can go to the web site and check out information about Stark Expo (which is like a World’s Fair type of event) started by Howard Stark( That’s Tony’s Dad played by John Slattery) in the 60’s Apparently there is a big mystery about the 1974’s Stark Expo which will be a big part of the Ironman 2 storyline. the web site itself is pretty cool and filled with viral video’s and pictures that mainly reflect conceptual art from the new movie. If you have a keen eye you will also notice they have a count down clock to the event which will be held in Flushing Meadows , New York , which was both home to the actual World’s Fair in 1939/1940 AND home to The Nanny. No word yet if Fran Drescher will be attending.

In other news…. I leave you with this newly released character one sheet of The Black Widow. Yows-er! I needs this poster!


Sheldon Lee